New Pressing Board

Friday night, we went to the Creativ Festival and I was thrilled.  I managed to get exactly what I was looking for — a new Quilter’s Cut ‘n Press.  My old one had finally got to the point of no return and it was time.  I use the Cut ‘n Press constantly as it’s the perfect size for pressing a block or two or pressing fabric to freezer paper and doesn’t necessitate dragging out the ironing board and then putting it away.

I also stocked up on the heirloom cotton thread I love to use for hand piecing and found 2 more florals for the Pickled Ladies as well as a pink FQ that just had to come home with me because it was — well, pink!  I don’t think I could ever have too much pink.

There was a white on white fabric that also came home with me but didn’t get photographed, as it’s rather hard to show the design in a white on white.  It’s one I’ve used before that has a lovely soft feel to it and is not hard to needle.  All in all, I’m thrilled with what I found at the show although I wouldn’t have minded a few more florals.  There were lots of quilting booths with lots of fabrics and bundles but they seemed, for the most part, to be more of the earth tones and the like with very few florals to be seen.  I wonder if that’s a product of the time of year and if at the spring show there will be more light-coloured and floral fabrics.

Lester continues to do well.  Today is his last day on the antibiotics so I guess the next few days will tell the tale as to whether the infection is gone.

Smudge has been busy chasing leaves as they go by the window.

15 thoughts on “New Pressing Board

  1. Great finds! I love to have a combo ironing surface and cutting mat. Very convenient especially when on a retreat. Glad to hear that Lester is doing well too. Must be a big relief for you.


  2. Instead of replacing my last cut and press, I just put a new cover on it….worked like a charm. I’ve noticed that most fabrics are really dark right now too, must be the influence of the civil war fabrics that are so popular.



  3. Great finds! Last week I visited a craftfair and luckily they had all kinds of fabrics and colours. Some stores always carry the darker fabrics, but others have different collections.

    I hope all will be well for Lester!


  4. Those mats do eventually wear out. I have the next larger one that is just a pressing mat and it has holes in it. It is easier to recover than one with the cutting mat on the back. That small size realy is handy.


  5. Glad Lester is feeling better. I also noticed that many of the quilt shops at the show were featuring darker colours. I think it is a fall thing. I was looking for silk thread, but didn’t find the kind I wanted. Oh, well. Guess I will have to go to next year’s festival.


  6. I have both sizes of that cut and press mat – the smaller one I used for laying out more intricately patterned blocks – it helps to keep the pieces in place as I’m assembling them.


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