Twinkling Stars

This isn’t a new project.  It’s something I’ve been playing with for ages using some of the shapes in the Tumbler collection.  Stitching arcs for the Pickled Ladies quilt didn’t really appeal last night as I was battling a migraine, so I started organizing some of the things I have in varying stages of progress.  That long skinny triangle from the Tumbler collection is something I love working with.  I’ve made about a dozen of these blocks that finish at 5″ and am now pondering some setting ideas.  I think I’ll probably make another dozen or so of them and then come up with a setting for a little quilt.

The back:

While I was going through some of the projects, I was able to identify a couple that require only another block or two or a setting plan in order to finish them.  I may spend a little time on one of them this weekend and see if I can come up with a plan and finish it off rather quickly.  Then again, I may just put it away and concentrate on more arcs for the Pickled Ladies.  I also want to get another of the clamshell diamonds done and have picked out the clamshells for that.

Lester is continuing to improve.  We’re thrilled with how quickly the antibiotics have started to do their job.  He was playing with toys today, up on the windowsill for a while and, of course, resting.

Smudge was sleeping on the couch with one paw on the little “Quilts, A Beautiful History” book I like to look through frequently.

17 thoughts on “Twinkling Stars

  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous! (Both the quilts and the kitties!) Really-just stunning! I wonder if I’d have the patience to try something like that-how did you get started initially? I know there’s quite a history behind quilting from various fiction that I’ve read, but I don’t know anything specifically about it-just that enjoy looking at them. I know families have heirloom patterns and such. Thank you for sharing-I’m going to look at more of them! Oh-one more thing-is it pricey to get involved with-what kind of things..oh I see there’s tutorials! ‘ll look into those! Happy quilting!


  2. I just love how you work! It seems that you are drawn to try something interesting, decide on an approximate quilt size based on how much you enjoyed the first couple of blocks (or not) and then work on that project until you don’t want to anymore or until you decide it’s big enough. It’s such an intuitive process that you follow…very inspiring!


  3. I love these little stars. I look forward to seeing what setting you come up with. I have the Tumbler collection but have only made a little wallhanging.

    Bunny kisses for Lester and Smudge (well trained in the love of quilting I see, LOL )



  4. Hi Cathi,
    I have been under the radar for a while, reading posts, but not commenting- am better now….am VERY glad Lester is on the mend! and I love your quilts. Late congrats on Chintz Circles… 😉 Re: your clamshells- I am looking thru my Inklingo stuff- and can’t find a way to “print” fussy cut shapes- I found where to make a shape and then trace, but it looks like you actually printed these…. would you tell me where to find these directions? don’t be pressed to answer immediately- not sewing yet, just dreaming about it, fondly, Sandy


  5. Have you ever thought of doing a row quilt with some of the blocks? That would give you a chance to try a variety but not have to stick with them through a whole quilt top.


  6. Darling stars…remind me of those little intersections of your yellow pickled ladies quilt! So happy Lester is showing signs of perking up…guessing everyone feels better when he does.
    Oooooh, back to those wonderful floral Pickled Ladies…wonderful!!!!


  7. Hi Cathi – Love all your work. Yours is the first blog I look at every day. Can you tell me exactly what shapes make up this block? I’d love to make some of them as well. Thanks


  8. Hi Cathi,
    It’s not good when those Kitties scare us. I am glad Lester is getting better thank heavens we live in an era of antibiotics for animals as well as us. hope he keeps on the improve. I remember those stars and will be interested in seeing what you do with them.


  9. I love sleeping kitties. So snuggly. : )

    Pretty stars. And, oh yeah, I just discovered all your quilt photos at the yahoo groups thingie….



    More inspiration. Amazing. You really should do a book!

    ~ Ronda


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