Another 7 Pickled Ladies

Now that the first of the big pink star blocks is done, I had to get back to the Pickled Ladies.  I’ve now used all the arcs I had prepared, so for the next few evenings I’ll be stitching more arcs.  There are 35 more clamshells I had fussy cut/printed that are all cut out and waiting for arcs.  Once I get those done, I’ll have to have a good look through my stash for some more florals to add to the mix.

While I haven’t counted them as yet, I think there are about 45 or so completed Pickled Ladies.  If I’m correct, another 35 will take me up close to 80.  If I’m going to make this a bed quilt, which is what I’m leaning towards, finding more floral fabrics that will work for this will be my primary focus for quite a while.

Lester is continuing to improve.  We are very grateful for that and I am particularly grateful that he’s an easy cat to pill.  He even got in a little windowsill time on Wednesday.

Smudge was exhausted from running back and forth along the windowsill chasing leaves as they went by the window.

15 thoughts on “Another 7 Pickled Ladies

  1. They look wonderful!! You are piecing them at break neck speed!! I suspect that tomorrow we will see a post with the next 35 done… LOL! So glad Lester is feeling better and Smudge is just being a typical kitty.


  2. Ooooh, what a wonderful problem to have…shopping for more fabrics! Sacrifices have to be made!!! So happy Lester is feeling perkier too. Sitting on the windowsill watching the leaves fall sounds like fun…may have to try that later today after I get my chores done!


  3. You’re piecing those clamshells pretty quickly. I think this may be my favorite quilt of yours. It’s going to be gorgeous! And I’m glad Lester is feeling better.


  4. This is going to be one gorgeous quilt! 🙂 You sew so quickly Cathi you put me to shame. I spent the day out today at a quilty workshop working on sewing the sashing on my one and only clamshell block. I managed one only, LOL… of a 5 section sashing strip. It was one of the bottom ones with the outward going curve of the sashing going into the inward one of the block. What a futter! The bits between where you have to clip into the inner points was a pain. I have started the second bottom one this evening and hope to have it done over the next few days…. if’n it kills me, LOL… The top sashings were okay.

    Happy to hear Lester is doing a bit better today 🙂 bunny hugs Ellyx


  5. So glad Lester is on the mend! We all have so much angst over our beloved pets, but wouldn’t be without them!
    Your quilting is lovely, as ever. That pink Star is just beautiful.


  6. Whatever size … this quilt will be stunning!

    Glad to hear that your kitty is feeling better.
    When Hank was ill a few months ago, we called Vets on Wheels and the Vet came to our house and took Hank for x-rays and then brought her back home to us within 4 hrs. It was worth every penny. The Vet even called twice afterwards to check on her progress. Service and then some.

    Congrats on your Chintz Circles win!


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