Big Pink Star Quilt

An inelegant name for this quilt but so far that’s the best I can come up with.  This block measures 18″ tip to tip.  At the moment, I’m thinking about using only this pink fabric and the cream and making a total of 9 of these stars.  That would give me a 54″ square centre and then I think I’d do something with a border that included some smaller stars.  That’s a very preliminary plan.  Putting the star together was fun as there were tons and tons of opportunities for continuous stitching.

Pressing it was quick and easy to do, as I pressed after each round of diamonds was added to the centre star.  The back:

I was notified yesterday that Chintz Circles had won the contest — so thank you to everyone who voted for it!  I’m thrilled it won and can’t wait to call my aunt today to tell her that her quilt won in an online quilt contest.  I think she’ll get a kick out of it.

The trip to the vet’s office with Lester didn’t start well.  He really did not want to go in the carrier and we were both afraid he’d have a heart attack as he was getting very stressed.  We were literally at the point of giving up and just calling the vet to describe his symptoms when we were able to finally get him in the carrier without causing him more stress.  He has an upper respiratory infection which is apparently not uncommon in kitties who have HCM.  So he’s back on antibiotics, but a different one this time.  The difference within a few hours of his first dose was incredible.  He spent a lot of time curled up resting on the pink couch, and we’re all feeling much better now having seen the huge improvement.

Smudge seems to be watching him too.

19 thoughts on “Big Pink Star Quilt

  1. Glad to hear Lester is doing better and Smudge is watching him!

    We always have a fight to get Midas into a carrier too. He totally flips and I really hate going to the vet. Brrr

    Your pink star block really shines!


  2. Congratulations on winning, that is great, I’m so pleased for you! Your quilt is lovely. Oh dear, poor Lester – fingers crossed he continues to improve. That’s a pretty star, I have one just like it (but perhaps not in pink) on my “one day perhaps” list.


  3. Oooo love the star!!

    It must be quite the chore if a HUGE cat like Lester doesn’t want to go in the carrier. He knew he was going to the vets and the vets is never a fun place to go.



  4. The BIG pink star is beautiful! I am sure you will come up with a different name soon enough. So glad that Lester is doing well. My kitties usually don’t like the carrier either. I think they know that it signals a trip to the vet. So we have to sneak it up the stairs and then sneak them into it. Ours has a door on the top, so you can just lower them into it. Works like a charm!


  5. thanks for popping by and commenting Cathi, I would love to go to the Creativ Show…….and thanks for confirming it’s a great show.

    I wanted to congratulate on winning with that gorgeous quilt, it is a real beauty.

    Also catching up with everything else that you have been up to.



  6. When I first read about Lester, I thought it said he was curled up on the sofa reading. I thought that is quite an accomplishment for a cat. LOL! I had to go back and re-read what you had written.

    I like your plan for the star and more to come. A two color quilt can be so soothing to look at.


  7. The star is so neat! Did I understand it that as soon as you finish this quilt, then you are going to put it into a drawing for everyone who follows your blog? 🙂
    Hope Lester feels better soon!
    So happy you won the contest, you deserved it!


  8. Cathi….I am so thrilled for you. I think your Aunt will be excited that you won also. It is a beautiful quilt and you do amazing work not to mention your productivity.
    Keep it up.
    Give Lester lots of hugs and they tell me chicken soup is good for upper resp. problems.


  9. This is going to be a most beautiful quilt Cathi 🙂 as is your clamshells. Congratulations on winning the contest with Chintz Circles!! 🙂 I’m so pleased for you 🙂
    Poor Lester, I hope he gets better soon. Bunnyhugs being sent for him.



  10. What a pretty quilt that’s going to be! So glad your Chintz Circles won at Quilting Gallery – I voted for you! Could you email me please – I’ve mislaid your email address and have a question for you – thanks!


  11. Cathi, congratulations on your win. I am very happy for you. You deserved it. That is a wonderful quilt. The big pink star is very pretty. So glad Lester is feeling better. Have a great day. Winona


  12. Congratulations on winning the contest!! I bet your aunt will be tickled to hear about it. Glad to hear the Lester made it to the vet and is getting better. I had to have Steve hold the carrier up perpendicular to off the floor to get Stella in to go to the vet. I picked her up and dropped her in back feet first and she couldn’t struggle so much.


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