Do you recognize this fabric?

I’m playing with a design idea and this fabric is absolutely perfect for one part of the design.  I have part of a FQ left of this but have no idea who the manufacturer or designer is, so I’m wondering if anyone out there knows.  One day I’ll finally learn to buy more than a FQ when I see a fabric like this as it’s so versatile!  I tried doing some searches for it on the Internet but really do need a little more information to enable me to find it.

It’s a small print, as can be seen in this shot with the yardstick.  Any help will be appreciated!

Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day, although still rather windy and still quite incredibly warm for this time of year.  We had a high that was close to 65 degrees Wednesday afternoon.

Lester is much better.  However, we didn’t manage to  get a good shot of him on Wednesday.  He spent a lot of time investigating the toy basket.   I had this shot taken almost exactly one month ago when there were still green leaves on the trees.

Smudge, on the other hand, we caught at the beginning of a yawn.

6 thoughts on “Do you recognize this fabric?

  1. I just sent the picture to my quilt group, one who is working at a quilt shop. It almost looks like a Jo Morton fabric. I will look at the Jo Morton lines at Moda and see if it appears!


  2. Hello Cathi! I’m happy to hear that Lester is feeling better! I like that fabric but it’s not familiar to me, have you decided what you can make with it? Have a lovely weekend!
    Best wishes Teje


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