The Final Three Possibilities

There were actually four more I was thinking of, but one of them got ruled out as there isn’t any chance I could finish it. So now I’m down to three more possibilities for the quilt I work on during … Continue reading

A Few More Klosjes

When I started to write this blog post I was thinking, “Just a few more of these tiny blocks and I’ll have 125 or so of them and I’ll be done.”  Then I had a good look at the picture and realized just how much I really do like these little blocks.  So now I’m thinking that perhaps I should print some more shapes on another couple of charm packs.  I hadn’t stitched any klosjes for a few months, but when I was sorting out projects I realized how few I had left ready to stitch and thought it was time to decide whether I’ll make more or make a small doll or teddy bear quilt.

I’ve been working on the cream and pink quilt but, as my hands have been acting up again, I may not get the top finished as quickly as I had hoped.  Blog posts may be rather sparse with more pictures than words over the balance of the week as I want to try to limit the amount of time I spend using the keyboard.

Smudge was curled up on the couch Tuesday evening having a snooze.

Lester looking like he had just woken up.

Klosjes — It Must be Saturday

Not much to show this week in the way of Klosjes, but I did get this one little block done.  It seems the quilt is going to be larger than the 81 blocks previously made.  Mr. Q.O. loves these little blocks so I’ll keep going, I suppose, until I have enough to make at least a lap quilt.

The back:

While I may have only stitched one, I did take a few minutes this morning to print the templates on some more charms and muslin:

We picked up the floor frame from Sew Sisters this afternoon.  Oh, my — it is fantastic!  Wonderfully made and has velcro strips and ribbon to hold up the sides so they’re not draped all over the floor.  Easy as can be to use — no knobs to tighten or loosen.  Perfect for someone with limited hand strength like me.  And it actually looks nice!

We’re taking care of Winnie, our neighbours’ cat, this weekend.  Winnie who makes all those funny sounds when she eats.  She did it again tonight.

Our boys have been resting up, hoping we get warmer weather again soon and that there are lots of things to watch out the window.  Lester was guarding the toy basket.

While Smudge was doing one of his impossibly cute poses.

More Spool Blocks

The final 11 spool blocks from this group of fabrics are done.  I couldn’t resist finishing them off.  I have 81 little blocks so am debating whether to take these and turn them into a doll’s quilt with a 9 x 9 setting or if I want to keep adding.  I’ll think on it for a bit this week and make a decision before next Saturday.

Here they all are.  I’m amazed at how quick it was to put these together.

I found another great use for a digital camera today.  I wanted to check the value of some fabrics I had pulled for a project (yes, another project is in progress) so took a picture, which we turned into a black and white picture on the computer and I immediately could see the values.  Digital cameras have so many uses for a quilter!  Use it to check value, to photograph a layout if you don’t have a design wall and need to be able to refer back and I’ve found it to be a great way to see if fabrics really do work together — particularly when working with fabrics in the winter when the light is not the greatest.  We have a lamp with a daylight bulb in it that I use all the time but sometimes I see something on the computer screen that isn’t as immediately obvious when looking directly at the fabrics.  I suppose there are fewer visual distractions when looking at a picture on the computer screen.

Of course taking pictures of fabric or blocks or layouts means we have to take a few of the boys.  Lester was stretched out:

While Smudge was, as usual, lounging on the couch.

Saturday Klosjes Again

This was not a really productive week as far as making these little blocks went.  There are so many other things I had on the go that my little blocks were neglected.  Perhaps I shall make a few more tonight.  Who knows? I’ve lost count of how many I have done now.  If I do manage tonight to finish all those that I have ready, I may do a trial layout of them and see whether there’s enough for a doll’s quilt and then start with different fabrics on a new set of Klosjes.

We are cat sitting Winnie again, although only overnight tonight and into tomorrow afternoon.  She had some chicken tonight and, while she wasn’t quite as loud in her appreciation as she was here, she still made me smile.  I couldn’t resist posting this little video again.

We woke up this morning to very chilly weather.  There were even snowflakes floating past.  The first day of spring and snowflakes after a full week or more of glorious mild weather?  Not fair!!  But this won’t last.  By Monday we will be inching our way back up to the wonderful mild spring temperatures.  I guess this was winter’s last gasp, such as it was.

This picture of Lester is definitely a new favourite.

And this one of Smudge taken tonight.  He really does know how to relax and stay warm.

Saturday Klosjes … on Sunday

These are the spool blocks I stitched on Saturday.  I’m coming to the end of the stack of pieces that I had printed and cut out for these little  blocks. One more week of stitching and they will be all finished.  Then I’ll decide how many more I want to add.

To that end, I pulled out a bunch of charms that will, for the most part, go with the fabrics I’ve already used.  Now it’s just a matter of ironing them on to freezer paper and then sending them through the printer to print the half long 90-degree hexagon and the 1″ squares.  I’ll have to print some more of the half hexagons on muslin as well.

It was a very rainy, windy day here Saturday.  Today is supposed to be more of the same.  I’m planning on spending most of the day playing with fabric and an idea that seems to be working its way to the top of my ideas list.

Lester is much more restrained about drinking water than Smudge but he gets water on his chin too — as this shot shows.

Smudge knows what to do on a rainy, windy day — curl up and look as gorgeous as possible so as to get as much attention as possible.

Getting Ready To Stitch Saturday

The Farmer’s Delight block is almost finished and will be finished tonight but I also had to get some more shapes ready for Klosjes Saturday.  I’m hoping to get all these pieces stitched into the tiny spools blocks on Saturday.

Am I ever glad I didn’t get a permanent colour done on Wednesday!  When I looked at it yesterday morning, I realized that I really do like my silvery white hair.  Perhaps if I’d been able to get a red rinse that was close to my original hair colour I might have liked it better, but my hairdresser told me that wasn’t going to work in a temporary rinse.   I spent about 20 minutes in the drugstore last night trying to find a clarifying shampoo so I can encourage the fading/washing out to take place faster.  No luck at that drugstore, but I’ll go to a larger one with more stock on Saturday.   If I have to wash my hair 5 times a day for a week or two to get rid of this rinse, I’ll do it.  I think my hairdresser got a little scissor happy too.  When he styled it, it wasn’t so obvious but when I tried to do anything with it yesterday I realized just how short it was.  At the moment I feel like a human Q-tip, as one of my friends says.  I won’t need to get it cut again for at least 3 or 4 months.  Thank goodness we’re going into the summer when hair grows somewhat faster!

Lester is spending more time on the windowsill.  He’s even having naps stretched out there.  I guess he’s determined to spot the first robin.

We caught Smudge in the midst of yawning.  It’s a bit blurry as his head was moving, but I couldn’t resist posting this one.

Spools and More Spools

I couldn’t resist making a couple more spools in yet another size.  These finish at 3 3/8″.  I still prefer the small ones but think I’ll probably end up making a quilt that incorporates all three sizes, although the small ones will be the predominant ones.

Here are all three of the sizes I’ve made together with 3 actual spools of thread in different sizes.  I think of them as economy size, large and regular spools.

It was Mr. Q.O.’s birthday yesterday.  About ten years ago, we found this little music box in a store called “The Elegant Garage Sale.”   When wound up, it plays “Happy Birthday.”  Once we saw the teddy bears in it, there was no question it was coming home with us.  It’s now our tradition to wind it up and play it on our birthdays.

The detail on this is incredible.  Here you can see the little birthday cake with the candle.

And here’s one of the little teddy bears who had been into the cake, it seems.  He’s given away by the icing on his fur.

The boys were relaxing after a day of helping Mr. Q.O. celebrate his birthday.  If you look closely, you can see that Smudge has been drinking — the fur on his face is still a bit damp.

Lester was doing what he does best — stretched out, relaxing.