More Tiny Blocks


These little spool blocks haven’t been seen for ages either. But when I unearthed the tiny Drunkard’s Path blocks, I also unearthed the box that contained all the completed little spool blocks. I made them using half 90-degree 1″ hexagons and 1″ squares. When I decided to make the little blocks, I picked out a group of charm squares and some muslin and then quickly printed the shapes using Inklingo.


And arranged them on the temporary design wall. Each little block measures 2.375″ so it will be a small quilt that finishes at 23.75″ x 30.875″.  The blocks are all ready to stitch together into rows and the first row has actually been sewn together now.

We had a wonderfully mild day yesterday – the temperature got up to almost 50F, which was a wonderful treat after the week after week after week of frigid temperatures we’ve had this winter. We had windows open and were enjoying the warmer temperatures.


There’s a magic moment every sunny day in the late afternoons at this time of year – the sun hits some of the buildings and they have a wonderfully rosy colour for just a few special seconds. But I’ll trade the rosy-hued buildings for green leaves on the trees and warmer temperatures.


“Melted Snow Cat.”


Jake was enjoying some time atop the kitty tree.


While Baxter was napping with various toys as his pillow.

8 thoughts on “More Tiny Blocks

  1. O Cathi, the Drunkard’s Path blocks are so wonderful and now you add these SO SO wonderful spool blocks!!! These are BEAUTIFUL! Your precision is amazing with the high contrast of the muslin! And then when I realize the SIZE of the quilt – let alone the size of the blocks….O MY – napping cats would cover most of the quilt! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!


  2. I notice a theme here. Are you finishing off almost completed projects ready to start a new flurry of projects, or are you just being good? 🙂
    Hehe, Jake is looking just the teensy bit smug there. Good to see he’s asserting himself


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