Shabby Yin Yang


This was the last project I unearthed on the weekend. The shabby chic yin yang blocks. These are larger blocks though – 6″ ones, to be exact. Which makes these huge blocks in comparison to the little Drunkard’s Path and spool blocks I’ve shown earlier this week.


The stack of pieces just sitting, waiting to be stitched.


So I had to stitch one. Particularly as we were having a wonderful lightning and thunderstorm. Which made me think of spring. Which is what these blocks always make me think of. I love stitching these blocks. Curved piecing and shabby chic fabrics. I don’t think I could ask for anything more.


Even more fun is how perfectly they press. If you click on this photo to enlarge it, you can see the little matching points that are printed on the fabrics – and they are the secret to making these blocks. I can’t imagine making them without using Inklingo to print the templates on my fabrics. In fact, I know I couldn’t do it. When I first fell in love with this block it was before there was an Inklingo Yin Yang collection. So I made freezer paper templates, added stitching lines and tried tracing them using the freezer paper templates. The block I made with that process was — well, disaster pretty much covers it. It was a volcano in the middle. There was no way I could get the lines fine enough when tracing. Yet with the perfect fine lines of Inklingo and the matching points, the block goes together like a dream and there’s no volcano in the middle.


“Impending Thundersnow — Better Go In.”


Jake loves spending some time on the kitty tree. It gives us an opportunity to get some photos of him in natural light without the flash.


A while later, after Jake had left the kitty tree, Baxter was on the windowsill. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Hmm, all clear so far.”

7 thoughts on “Shabby Yin Yang

  1. You are a true archeologist, you go digging and find such treasures! Have you checked in those cupboards or drawers which you forgot about behind something or other where you found such fun things last time? LOL!
    Jake is a handsome kitty and about to find out he does not have control of the top of the kitty tree. Baxter is probably just giving him a false sense of hope for the top bunk!


  2. I need you to pick out my color combinations. I suck at it and you like the colors I love. Looks like the kittens and alien need a lot more layers on. We are still getting blasted with snow and wind. All of you stay warm.


  3. Beautiful blocks! I too have been looking forward to spring. I’ve been picking brighter colors and have started two new projects with happy fabrics. We’ve had a hint of spring this past week with 70 degree days but I know we’ll have more winter before we’re finished.


  4. Those blocks are so delicate and superb choice of colours, I did go to a class once doing curved pieces, too hard by far, so total HUGE admiration for your stunning perfect stitching. Maybe time to have a second kitty tree!!! Cheers from Jean.


  5. Nice to see this one again too, it’s been a while since it has made an appearance! I’ve never heard the word ‘thundersnow’, probably because it’s not something we get here – but it sounds quite scary. Jake my boy, you look very relaxed…….and don’t worry, Baxter, you will get your turn soon.


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