Tiny Drunkard’s Path


You’ve seen these before. But it has been a very long time. January of 2013, to be exact, was the last time I posted about these. And that was the last time any work got done on them.


On the weekend I unearthed the project boxes. Had a look at what was done and what was left to be done. Truth be told, nothing much had been done since the last time I posted about them.

As it’s clear that finishing these by machine is not something I’m racing to do, I decided to start stitching them by hand into pairs. And it’s going incredibly quickly with my chain piecing by hand method.


This project has been ongoing for so, so long. I had started it years and years ago because of a quilt in Ontario’s Heritage Quilts.


I was and am determined to make this quilt from Ontario’s Heritage Quilts. So I had made freezer paper templates and was painstakingly tracing them, adding matching points, et cetera, et cetera. I needed 832 blocks. I had traced and made 307 of the tiny 2″ blocks before that process became tedious and so they sat. Then the Inklingo 2″ Drunkard’s Path collection came out and I immediately started back at it. I had the little shapes printed, cut out and the curved piecing done for the 525 more blocks I needed done relatively quickly. And then it sat again except for that brief period in January 2013.

Fast forward to February 2014. Now I am absolutely determined to keep going and get this one finished. It is not going to take long if I can just stick with it. And it will be such fun to see this come to life.


“Alien Snow Cat.” Yes, we have had yet more snow.

It seems like winter will never end and spring will never arrive, much less summer. But I know there’s hope because baseball spring training has begun. So I can read about spring training in warmer climates and know, without a doubt, that the boys of summer will be heading here in less than two months. Just writing that makes me feel hopeful!


Jake took possession of the upper tier of the kitty tree for a while. Baxter was not amused and there was some paw waving and assorted other mock kitty battle things happening before Baxter settled and curled up in the lower tier of the kitty tree.

9 thoughts on “Tiny Drunkard’s Path

  1. I love this book! I just got it from the bookcase. Beautiful quilt! I think it’s the time of year… I am finishing up a twister top with 30s and Have some blocks done years ago on Cumberland on the design wall now . Spring is coming

    This will be beautiful!


  2. I am so happy to have found you again Cathi:) I lost track of you during the summer of David’s treatments. I see you have a new kitty, Jake. We got one too a year ago last October, Louie, another long hair. I absolutely love your drunkards path!! I am here cheering you on to finish it 🙂


  3. Hehe, the kitty king was dethroned 🙂
    Looks like an interesting book. Have you marked any other quilts as must-make’s?
    Winter never actually arrived here. We’ve just has one long autumn. And lately the spring bulbs are sprouting with the early ones blooming already. I’m still hoping for some of your snow. Or at least a good freeze


    • I love the ’30s fabrics and they were just perfect for the little Drunkard’s Path blocks. The 832 blocks are made, now it’s a matter of me actually sticking with it and getting them sewn together and the top made. I think it will be a real favourite when it’s finished.


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