Klosjes — It Must be Saturday

Not much to show this week in the way of Klosjes, but I did get this one little block done.  It seems the quilt is going to be larger than the 81 blocks previously made.  Mr. Q.O. loves these little blocks so I’ll keep going, I suppose, until I have enough to make at least a lap quilt.

The back:

While I may have only stitched one, I did take a few minutes this morning to print the templates on some more charms and muslin:

We picked up the floor frame from Sew Sisters this afternoon.  Oh, my — it is fantastic!  Wonderfully made and has velcro strips and ribbon to hold up the sides so they’re not draped all over the floor.  Easy as can be to use — no knobs to tighten or loosen.  Perfect for someone with limited hand strength like me.  And it actually looks nice!

We’re taking care of Winnie, our neighbours’ cat, this weekend.  Winnie who makes all those funny sounds when she eats.  She did it again tonight.

Our boys have been resting up, hoping we get warmer weather again soon and that there are lots of things to watch out the window.  Lester was guarding the toy basket.

While Smudge was doing one of his impossibly cute poses.

5 thoughts on “Klosjes — It Must be Saturday

  1. I think Mr QO needs a good size lap quilt of these blocks, it sounds like he REALLY wants one.

    How wonderful that this frame is going to work for you!!



  2. Welcome back Winnie! You are a good neighbor to Winnie’s family.
    It makes me feel like you are still a mere human when you only get one little block done! LOL I am still a slave to my machine but still am working on the hexes and will get that placemat done one of these days so that I can start a new handwork project.


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