A Few More Klosjes

When I started to write this blog post I was thinking, “Just a few more of these tiny blocks and I’ll have 125 or so of them and I’ll be done.”  Then I had a good look at the picture and realized just how much I really do like these little blocks.  So now I’m thinking that perhaps I should print some more shapes on another couple of charm packs.  I hadn’t stitched any klosjes for a few months, but when I was sorting out projects I realized how few I had left ready to stitch and thought it was time to decide whether I’ll make more or make a small doll or teddy bear quilt.

I’ve been working on the cream and pink quilt but, as my hands have been acting up again, I may not get the top finished as quickly as I had hoped.  Blog posts may be rather sparse with more pictures than words over the balance of the week as I want to try to limit the amount of time I spend using the keyboard.

Smudge was curled up on the couch Tuesday evening having a snooze.

Lester looking like he had just woken up.

11 thoughts on “A Few More Klosjes

  1. You sure have a CUTE project going on there! Keep them coming! I started my list of projects and then decided not to do that until they were under control (and that will never happen!) Cute cuddly cats, too!


  2. Aren’t those klosje’s the dearest things? Hope your hands are pain free soon…your stitching is so amazing…I know you must be lost on the days when you are not able to manage some. Kitties look like the are moving into winter hibernation mode…and it looks very appealing to me too with these cold days! Happy stitching!


  3. Hi Cathi, could you tell me what inklingo shapes you used to make your Klosjes and what is the size of your blocks! I would love to print a bunch and work on these over the Christmas holidays! Thanks so much, the smaller the block the more I enjoy it!!!


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