Stormy Seas

Block 4 is done.  I couldn’t resist.  My goal right now is just to get all the shapes printed on the 11 fabrics I’ve chosen but, as I had printed out the shapes on the third fabric, I just had to make one block.  If I keep doing this as I start printing the other fabrics, it’s going to take days to get al the shapes printed.  I love the movement in these blocks and am flirting with the idea of making 3 or 4 Pickled Ladies and then doing one Stormy Seas block.

I’m so close to having the setting blocks and the elements for the pieced border of the big pink star quilt, also known as the pink and cream quilt, done that I really want to try to stay focused, which is why I think I shall not print any more of the Storm at Sea pieces until that is complete.  If I stay focused, which is questionable — okay, doubtful — no, impossible, I may very well have everything done to put the top together before the end of the month.

Smudge was caught in one of his almost headless cat poses on the weekend.

I couldn’t resist this shot of Lester, even though it’s a tad blurry.  It’s blurry because we caught him just as he was about to clean his paw.

12 thoughts on “Stormy Seas

  1. Wow, look what happens when I am away for a weekend!! You got a ton done!! The Storm at Seas blocks are fantastic. I too find it difficult to stay focused and usually have so much going at one time.


  2. I love the colours of your Storm at Sea quilt. The blue greens are one of my favourites and I hope to make a quilt from those colours soon. I have been collecting batiks for this purpose for several years and you have inspired me to start in the new year. I am busy working on quilts for two granddaughters for Christmas and just finished a present for a friend for her birthday in December. Its a panel with cats on it as we both have interesting cats too, so I am calling if Crazy Cats. Like you I have too many projects on the go but that is also what keeps life from becoming too boring.


  3. Yea, staying focused on ONE thing is so difficult sometimes LOL
    I am like the crow who sees a new “shiney thing” and I am off to investigate.
    I am really looking forward to seeing what the pink and cream stars look like all finished and bordered but that Storm at Sea is one of my next candidates for a take along projects that I want to see what yours looks like as you add more and more blocks! LOL
    So I guess I will be happy with what ever you decide to do next.


  4. Love those blocks, which is just as well…..because you are making it for me, aren’t you! I’m another who tends to flit between projects rather than knuckling down to just one or two.


  5. I love the Storm at Sea blocks!! I will be watching your progress because it is a pattern I would like to make one day soon.
    I have big trouble concentrating on just one project too!!!
    I love to start things here!!!


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