Possibilities 2 and 3

The 2″ Drunkard’s Path units are another one of the candidates for the baseball playoffs quilt. There are 57 more of them done and shown in this photo.

There are only 256 left to make. They’re all in this box, the seam allowances in the concave seams are clipped and they’re ready to stitch. It will probably take a week to 10 days to finish making the 2″ units.

The box of finished 2″ units is getting full. I don’t think I can wait until I finish the remaining 256 before I start making more of these 4″ blocks. This is a great candidate for stitching while watching baseball as it really doesn’t take much concentration at all and they are super quick to stitch. And, of course, they involve curved piecing which is my favourite.

The third candidate? It’s the bright 9-patch blocks on point. There are 14 of the 9-patch blocks left to make and then it’s nothing but simple stitching adding the triangles to set them on point. It would be fun to finish this one as it’s the companion quilt to Twinklingo Stars which was last year’s baseball playoffs quilt. When I was printing the shapes for Twinklingo Stars, I purposely printed extra squares. I didn’t have a plan at the time but those extra squares have now turned into the 9-patch blocks on point. So that will be two quilts from a set of 10 FQs along with some yardage of white on white fabrics and a border fabric for Twinklingo Stars.

The 9-patches that are done are waiting in one box with the white triangles.

The box with the finished 9-patch blocks on point needs more blocks finished to fill it up.

The 9-patch blocks are another great candidate for stitching while watching as they don’t require much concentration either. I think this one could be finished before the World Series is over depending, of course, on how many games are involved.

Both of these possibilities, just like the Stormy Seas blocks, are entirely kitted and ready to stitch. Nothing is left to print and cut, not that needing to print more shapes on fabric for either of them would be a problem as it takes only a couple of minutes. And that is not going to be the deciding factor. In fact, I’m washing some more fabric today for possibility 4 as it does require a few more shapes to be printed on fabric. My goal is to have all the shapes for all the possibilities printed, cut and kitted by the time the weekend is over.

There are three more possibilities to go, which I’ll show tomorrow and Friday. I have to make a decision by the time the weekend is over. I think I’ll have a poll on Friday and see which project gets the most votes. That might help me make a decision.

Remember Sandra, the Cumberland Island Quilt Chick? She’s back with a new blog at The Frugal Quilter. Head on over and see what she’s up to these days.

Seems Baxter woke up to some strange sounds and went off to the swamp to investigate in today’s Baxtertoon.

Baxter was having a snooze while keeping a paw on “his” iPad. Around here it’s called “Baxter’s MyPad.”

2 thoughts on “Possibilities 2 and 3

  1. THank you for all of your encouragement in starting a new blog Cathi. You are a big part of the reason. Your gentle push and belief in me really kept me thinking of blogging again. Quite a compliment , coming from someone as talented as you are.

    I LOVE these little blocks and think they are perfect for working on with baseball! I miss watching baseball and will have to tune while stitching this year.

    I see that Baxter has been joined by a cute gator in the pond. 🙂


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