Jelly Beans and Klosjes

That almost sounds like a song title, doesn’t it? To me it sounds like a very cheerful and fun song.

I’ve added another block to the Jelly Beans quilt beginning. I love how happy this quilt is going to be. Now that I see it with two blocks, I’m contemplating changing my design idea and not including one element I had previously thought I’d add in. I’ll print a few of the shapes I need for that element over the next couple of days, put them up on the design wall and make a decision.

A new project in a box has begun – the shapes I’ve printed on my fabrics for Jelly Beans so far are all contained in this box. More will be printed and added to the group, but I have enough here to play with for a while.

I’m really taking advantage of having this design wall to play on. I finally have all the little 2 3/8″ klosjes blocks out. I need 5 more for a setting of 10 x 13, which will finish at 23.75″ x 30.875″. The last five won’t take long to stitch.  Once they’re done I can play with the block placement and then get this one sewn together. And this one I’m sewing by machine. I want to get it finished sooner than later. I’m going to have a look for the right binding – may even have it already made in my boxes of bindings.

Monday I had both the flu and pneumonia vaccines. They packed a bit of a punch – I was feeling pretty wiped out all day yesterday and slept on and off.

Baxter and his pals are all ready for Hallowe’en. Can you imagine seeing this group at your door?

He loves to take over my computer chair.

8 thoughts on “Jelly Beans and Klosjes

  1. love the quilt blocks you show. That first one is so colorful – great to look at.
    I had my flu shot on Friday it doesn’t normally bother me but I went and got a cold almost immediately!


  2. That certainly is a happy and colorful quilt! WOW, another winner!
    I would love those trick or treaters to come to my house and I have cat treats just waiting for them! I wonder what the trick would be if I didn’t have any treats??


  3. Oh, I hope Baxter comes trick or treating here tonight – that would be cool! Love those little blocks, I have a book by two Canadian quilters on quilts made with very small blocks.


  4. Love those Jelly Beans! So nice and bright and cheerful. The more I see of them, the more
    I think I might have to make a few too…I’m thinking maybe a wallhanging.

    I had the flu shot last week (didn’t have to have the other one this year) and my
    arm hurt like the dickens for about 4 days!


  5. HA!~ That Baxter is a hoot! I would LOVe it if he showed up at my door with all of his friends. My pups would want to go with them…
    Your Jelly Beans is a happy quilt! This is will be fun to watch grow!~ 🙂
    The spools are so beautiful! So many.


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