25 Stormy Seas Blocks

I couldn’t resist putting the 25 finished Stormy Seas blocks up on the wall to see how they look. There are more blocks to be made with the darkest of the blues, some with the lightest and some of those in between. Looking at them up on the wall made the decision easy and the 17 more blocks will be done. I’ll need them to balance the lights and darks. Once they’re done it’s probably going to take a few arrangements and rearrangements to find just the right setting.

The blocks finish at 9″ and there will be a total of  42 blocks. Seeing the first 25 up on the wall has me excited about this project again and I’ll start block 26 later today.

The wind really started picking up here last night. Not as much rain as they said we’d get — at least not yet. They say we’ll have rain through until Friday but the worst of the wind should be over by midday today.

Baxter and his friends hope everyone in the path of Sandy stays safe.

He surprised me last night. Most cats I’ve had have hated it when it was really windy. Not Baxter! He spent a lot of time in his kitty tree looking out and even more time on the windowsill.

12 thoughts on “25 Stormy Seas Blocks

  1. What a perfect blog for the weather these days! Hoping that your worst is past and only bright sunny….perfect for stitching days lie ahead!


  2. How appropriate that you are working on the Storm at Sea blocks during this real storm at sea!
    But I hope everyone stays safe! I love those life jackets on the kitty friends!


  3. Sounds like Baxter is a cat after my own heart. My boy doesn’t like storms.
    The blocks are looking great. You’re going to have fun rearranging them when you have them all done


  4. The colours are lovely on those stormy blocks. Glad to hear Baxter doesn’t mind the wind. Mine are starting to go else where with the start of the heat here. Glad to hear you are all mostly out of the danger zone, that is one big storm.


  5. Oh, you are so blessed to have Baxter to keep you company in the storms! I could have used him when the power was out! Lol…he would have had a great deal to watch while those leaves were blowing all over and the rain beat upon the window panes! I love your stormy blocks…great colors!
    Stay safe and stay dry!


  6. Oh, I love the way the colours “move” through the quilt…absolutely stunning! The Baxtertoon is priceless – love his helpers in their snazzy life jackets. We were very lucky to have come through this storm safe and sound.


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