Colourful 9-Patches Done

The last nine are stitched. Now that they’re finished I know it’s going to take a while to add the triangles, but not as long as it took to make the little 3″ 9-patch blocks.

I put just a few of them up on the wall to get an idea of how they’re going to look. They now finish at 4.25″ and there will be 140+ of them.

Quite a few already have their triangles added.

But there’s a large stack still waiting. Today though I’m getting the brown and cream fabrics for the pieced border of Memories of Smudge ready and will hopefully have the shapes I need printed on the fabric tonight so I can get started on that pieced border. My goal is to have Memories of Smudge finished by mid-November.

Baxter’s taking the wind, rain and possible flooding warnings seriously and stocked up on … what else … water, food and toys.

We’re expecting the winds from Sandy to get quite strong starting this morning and then rain, rain and yet more rain along with the wind. We’ve already had a lot of rain over the weekend. The leaves on the roof garden lawn on Thursday – the last sunny day we’ve had. I’m sure by the time this storm is over there won’t be many, if any, leaves left on the trees out on the roof garden.

He had a trip to the vet on Saturday. This was the look we got later Saturday afternoon. He was not impressed!

8 thoughts on “Colourful 9-Patches Done

  1. I love your nine patches! what a great quilt that will be!
    I’m glad Baxter will be stocked up for the visit from Sandy, hope you don’t get the loss of power!
    That picture of “mad about the vet trip” is priceless! Poor Baxter! 😦


  2. The nine patches just get better and better…..a ray of sunshine to start my day! I agree with Sara about the picture of Baxter….priceless!! I will be be smiling about it all day!


  3. I’ve seen that look before. My boy is good at it too 🙂
    Congrats on finishing the nine patches. While you may have a lot of blocks to add corner triangles to, I bet they’ll go a lot quicker than you think


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