A Few More Klosjes

It seems like ages since I’ve stitched any of these little blocks, but on the weekend I got out the box that contains the pieces for them and made 10 more.  Now I’m up to 103 of these little blocks.  As they finish at 2 3/8″ and, if my calculations are correct, I’ll need about 570 of them to make even a lap quilt.  That seems rather daunting.  Perhaps these really are meant for a small teddy bear/doll’s quilt.

We’ve been out taking pictures of flowers in the neighbourhood.  This is one of the planters that’s at the entrance to our building.

This one is on the other side of the entrance and you can see one of the buildings across the street reflected in the black marble.

There are tons of these little roses at the front of the building.  They bloom endlessly throughout the summer and well into the fall.

It sounds like we’re going into an extremely hot week with temperatures in the 90s and humidex readings that will reach upwards of 110.  I like hot weather, but the humidity can be a bit hard to take — I think we’ll need gills to breathe by the time we reach mid-week. I wonder how long it will take before they’re asking people to limit their use of electricity during peak hours.  While we hardly ever have to put the air conditioning on in the living room, I have a feeling that this week we’ll probably be turning it on rather frequently.

It was hot during the weekend, but nowhere near as hot as it’s going to be.  Where was Smudge hanging out?  In his kitty bed!  I mistakenly assumed that those kitty beds would be too warm during the hot weather, but it seems I was wrong.

Lester, showing his version of a lounge lizard look.

13 thoughts on “A Few More Klosjes

  1. I love looking at everyone’s Klosjes out there. These are lovely as are the fabrics in them 🙂

    It’s going to be hot here in southern Michigan this week too. We don’t have air conditioning, so I guess we’ll be running lots of fans! We usually turn the blower from the furnace on (without heat 😀 ) to blow cool air up from the basement. That helps too, but when the cool air is all blown up, it gets kind of stifling in here. Might be a good week to go the movies!

    Last week I was at camp all week and the weather was cool and gorgeous! Maybe I should turn on the rewind!!

    Have a great day and stay cool.



  2. That is a very pretty rose, and I like the planters too. I have 128 small blocks – 2-1/4in finished – have done a layout for them and purchased the rest of the fabric needed to make a quilt over 60in square. Who would have thought that such tiny blocks would make such a large quilt?
    Hugs to the kitties!


  3. That would be a ton of Klosjes to make! I think I would stick with a smaller quilt too. But no matter what size you decide on it will be wonderful. I am with you, I love the heat, but the humidity can be a little oppressive. What would we do without the air conditioning? Both cats look content, except Lester looks slightly perturbed in this photo.


  4. I think a teddy bear size quilt is good….over 500 is a LOT!! LOL You must be getting the weather we had last week. We have cooled to the mid to upper 70’s and very little humidity…..bliss :0)



  5. I think the Klosjes would look great as a strippy quilt. Maybe columns of 2 or 3 across running vertically with a neat fabric as the strips between them.


  6. Stunning! How fun it is to see these klosjes! I’m so happy. Your entrance the traditional, classic look of Majesty to your building. I love that for you. …as for me I’m not counting


  7. A little chilly here today only 97 degrees!! LOL. Then the humdity on top of that. 😦 Beautiful flowers. Your klosjes look great. I love the orange fabric. I’m aiming for 500.


  8. They look wonderful – I’m thinking of using my klosjes as a border on my (yet to be made!) Dresden quilt but I also like the idea of a while quilt full of klosjes…decisions, decisions!


  9. You klosjes are simply gorgeous in the fabics you’ve chosen. I really like the little bit or an orange you chosen for a few. I’ve not seen this, and think it will really give a good contrast to all of them. I’ve not made these little spools, but I’m sure I will some day. The flowers are beautiful, I especially love the roses. THe formal, structured arrangement is so incredible. At first, I thought it was silk because it’s just so perfect. Great photos of your babies… XO


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