A Few More Clams

Clamshells seem to have been the focus this week.  I can’t get over how quickly I was able to add two more rows Thursday night.  They’re short rows but, with continuous stitching and hand piecing, they seemingly go  together in the blink of an eye!  I’m leaving the pressing until the end because of the amount of bias, but am finger pressing as I go.

Thursday I did the final pressing of Chintz Circles and its backing as it will be basted today.  I’m looking forward to starting the quilting.  With any luck, I’ll get at least half of it done this weekend.

Another one of the Seven Sisters blocks is finished.  Not pressed, as my wrist was really sore from pressing Chintz Circles and the backing.  Each one of blocks will be a different blue and I am undecided as to how large it will be, although I’m thinking a lap quilt.

I’m using 1″ diamonds with to make the stars.   There’s the opportunity for lots of continuous stitching in these as well, which is something I look for when stitching.  It will join the first one I finished a couple of years ago.

I’m terribly behind in replying to comments but will catch up this weekend.  Do you go back to blogs to see if your comment has been replied to directly on the blog rather than by e-mail?  I know that some bloggers respond that way and others don’t and am curious about opinions are on that subject.

Thursday was a beautiful day, lovely and sunny and warming up.  It looks as though our weekend will be wonderfully sunny and hot.

Smudge was very alert Thursday evening when posing for this photo.

Lester showing off his huge whiskers.

18 thoughts on “A Few More Clams

  1. You know, I never go back to blogs to check the comments there, never even thought of doing that. I do well to get through all my blogs once a week. I love reading though and seeing all the wonderful things people are doing and I have learned so much.

    Your clamshells are exquisite – just like everything you make. The stars are amazing too. I working at being more precise in my piecing and pressing, mainly after being inspired by your work.


  2. That Seven Sisters pattern will be lovely in 2 colors!

    If I don’t hear from a blog author after posting several comments, I do go back and check, until I’ve established who’s an email answerer and who’s a post answerer. If I’m not reading any responses either way after several posts, I usually drop that blog from my list, unless it’s something I’m willing to read without expecting feedback.


  3. Ooo the Seven Sisters, I had forgotten you were doing that one too :0)

    I never go back to see if a comment was responded to in the comment section. First I usually forget and second it takes too much time. I did respond to all comments in my comment section when I first started blogging….too big of a headache.

    Hey, don’t worry about catching up on all the comments made. When I get behind, I just respond to ones that have a question :0)



  4. Your fingers must fly! Love the inspiration each of your new creations brings to my day! The Seven Sisters blocks are adorable! One inch diamonds! Wow! I swear I have lint bigger than that! I’ve no clue what is the polite policy of blogs, as I’m so new to this. I just enjoy and savor any comments and know others are very busy. Quilters will always love ya’ so feel no guilt/obligation! Guilt…that lovely gift that keeps on giving!


  5. I love the stripe that you put in, I think a little “pepper” is nice in these… 🙂 It really adds interest. I was watching a lady paint Ann Hathaway’s cottage, I bought the painting, and she put a dash of red over a window. It looked so odd to me until she’d finished. When she did it, she said, “you need a little pepper! Adds some spice!” 🙂 Funny what you remember…
    I’m glad you brought up the replying thing. First of all, you are one of the best at it. I don’t know how you reply to each and every one, but you do. I certainly try to. I’ve had up to 92 and still do reply to each one. I have to say there was a point when I was so sad about our pup and neighbor that I tried and did a few, but admit to not replying to ALL. But, that was sort of different. Everyone knew that I was sad and all. But, for me I will always try to reply to each one, even if it’s late. I don’t think I’ll ever have a blog big enough to not be able to do this…
    I usually take the time to pop over and visit the ones who have left me comments. I ALWAYS go visit if it’s a new person.
    However, I don’t take offense to those who don’t follow up to me. It think it’s a personal thing. I also realize that I do not work, and remember well how precious time is when are working and have children at home.
    Especially gorgeous photos of your babies today! 🙂


  6. Love your SSBs!! Blue is my favorite hihi! I never return etc. Where can I buy a bag of time hihihi!! I always mail an answer back except for the no-reply bloggers of course.
    Love the whiskers!! Happy sewing, Daniélle


  7. Your Clams are breeding beautifully 😉 and I love your seven sisters project, it is going to be so deliciously fabulous.
    As always seeing the great shots of your adorable kittys is always welcome cute candy.
    You raise a very good question about blog replying. When I first started to blog I didn’t know what the etiquette was and after receiving no replies from the first few posts I made on other blogs I assumed no replies were required. However, it didn’t feel right and then I started getting replies on other blogs. This did feel right so I started doing it myself… though sometimes I miss the odd one or two. I’m glad you mentioned that you’d seen replies on peoples’ blogs as I had asked a lady a question the other day and thought she hadn’t answered… so I went to her blog and there was her answer!! LOL… So thank you for pointing that out to me. There is an option on some blogs that if you want to read follow up comments to yours you can click to receive them… I’ve done that a couple of times but don’t as a rule. You end up getting a heap of comments that are nothing to do with you 🙂
    Okay, now I’ve written a book I’ll go… LOL.. hugs Ellyx


  8. I like to personally reply to people. I forget to go back and check a blog after I have left a comment. I know a couple bloggers that only respond that way and sometimes I remember to go back to theirs. If you left comments at 15 blogs, it would take way too much time to go back and double check all of them for a reply in the comments section.

    also if I leave a comment 3 times on a blog and never get a reply from them, I don’t bother to comment on their blog any more. We shouldn’t feel obligated to answer all of the comments all of the time, but I feel if they take the time to comment the least I can do is answer back. We all get busy at times and then no answers will happen in those times.


  9. Love your clam shells Cathi….tht is such a good photo of Smudge….and of course Lester, but the one of Smudge really shows his colouring well…..I try very hard to answer all my emails….and of they are set to no reply I do like to go and vist their blog…


  10. I see you’re really hooked on clams Cathi! lol This little one is growing beautifully & I’m loving the star block in blue & white:)
    In answer to your query….I always reply either by email or leaving a comment by return & I don’t tend to go back to the comment to see if there is a response to the comment I left.
    As I work full time & use a computer all day I don’t like to spend to much time online in the evenings (this also wastes valuable sewing time, LOL) so I tend to respond to comments & emails at the weekend.


  11. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    This is a recording! : D

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said above? Gorgeous as always, and MY! Aren’t you FAST!!!

    ~ Ronda (poking along….)


  12. Cathi,
    I finally figured out why I hadn’t seen your blog in a while. You changed blog addresses. I think you did it during the 2 months I was in Kansas City. Glad I found you again. I have missed all of your lovely hand piecing and of course the wonderful pictures of Smudge and Lester. I am going to become a follower before I lose you again. LOL Have a great 4th. Winona


  13. Cathi, what lovely fabrics you’re using here for BOTH projects! Great photos of the boys, too. Exceptionally so this time of Smudge, don’t you think? As for comments, I do try my best but my best isn’t good enough. I know that. Sometimes I try to use the comment as an opportunity to just ensure I’m visiting a person’s blog and leave a comment that way. Just a way to keep the connection going. I definitely don’t return to the Blog to check for comments and I can say with all honesty that between me and you – I don’t need replies. I’m cool with the visit between blogs but I reckon since we’re friends it takes the requirement out of it, ya know? Not sure I helped here.


  14. The clamshells are looking good and beautiful Seven Sisters block!

    I have, on occasion, gone back to a blog looking for a reply on a question, but would not do that on a regular basis. I do for the most part reply to all comments. Sometimes time does not allow for it, but I do visit their blog in return. I feel some kind of acknowledgement is the polite thing to do. If it came down to only doing one thing, I think visiting someone’s blog, in return, would be more satisfying (to both) then sending a thank you e-mail.


  15. The clamshells look beautiful and I like the little 7 sisters block as well, I’m just about to buy Inklingo 1″ diamond so that I can add a diamond path to my GFG so I think this design will be in my future.
    I think you keep up very well with replying to your comments. I like to reply to the comments on my blog by email, even if only to say thank you – it might sometimes take me a little while to get through them all as well as visiting blogs but I try and set aside a little time each day with a cup of tea to visit and reply.


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