Small Things

That’s what I worked on the weekend – small things. First of all, the five remaining klosjes/spool blocks I needed for the top last shown here. Now I can start playing with these on the design wall and get the top put together.

Then some more 2.5″ LeMoyne Stars. I absolutely cannot resist these little beauties. A friend has a four-poster doll bed and these are the start of a bed runner for that doll bed.

Finally, all the French General layer cake pieces printed with the shapes for the 6″ Hunter’s Star. This is now a project in a box, ready to stitch. I’ve almost finished the third of the first four blocks and can’t wait to see how those first four look side by side.

Did you see Sue Garman’s Bon Jour post? If you haven’t, go look. The quilts she shows in that post are absolutely gorgeous – and all done by hand. I’ve been back to that blog post over and over on the weekend, just absolutely enthralled with the quilts. Hand piecing is, for me, most relaxing while sitting at a machine is a stressful event. Seeing all those beautiful quilts, and the amazing hand quilting done on them, inspired me to get something in the hoop this week and get started on some quilting. We’re definitely headed into colder weather which is a great time for hand quilting. I think the whole cloth quilt will come out first as I seem to use it as my warm-up quilt but then I want to get back to the Ferris Wheel quilt, finally get that one quilted and ready to bind.

Baxter has made his first trip to the Royal Winter Fair. This time he was hanging around the cows.

After all that excitement, it was home to his kitty bed guarding the toy basket.

9 thoughts on “Small Things

  1. You are going to be on a roll now with quilting and just think, finished quilts!!
    The Royal Winter Fair looks fun! I would have thought Baxter would be hanging out in the culinary venues or trying to grab bits of craft materials at the sewing and weaving area! Are you going to attend the fair?


  2. Thanks for the link. It was drool city looking at all those quilts do e by hand Oooooooh. I can see why you keep going back.

    I wouldn’t mind a post on your collection of project boxes…..

    Of course Baxter always steals the show!!!!


  3. What sweet little blocks. So cute.
    Love the pic of Baxter with his toys. He actually keeps them in the basket? lol. My kitty swats the basket over, spills everything out, and bats the toys all over the living room. Fun to watch. Guess who cleans up?


  4. Oooh! The only thing better than 1 little LeMoyne star is 4 little LeMoyne stars! They are absolutely adorable! Love the idea of using them for a bed runner!


  5. Hi Cathi, it’s me again. Do you hand piece your Inklingo blocks? That French General fabric is gorgeous! I love your klosjes and LeMoyne stars too! All done by hand or machine?
    I know what you mean about machine stitching being stressful. I started out, years ago, piecing everything by hand but got caught up in the “faster, faster” game. I’m getting back to the hand work-I love hand applique.


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