Small Hunter’s Star Beginning

Once I started playing with the diamonds in the 6″ Hunter’s Star collection, I knew I had to make a small Hunter’s Star quilt using that size. There was a French General layer cake in my stash that I had been holding on to, waiting for just the right project. This is it. Using one of the combo pages, I can print enough of the shapes for 3 Hunter’s Star units on each fabric in the layer cake. They were already washed, so I pressed and then cut them down to 8″ x 10″.

One of the fabrics ironed on to freezer paper, ready to print.

A few seconds later, the same piece of fabric but with all the shapes printed on it. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see the lines. There are 6 trapezoids, 6 triangles and 12 diamonds printed on the fabric now. This will be another very scrappy quilt. While I’ve got a start on it, all I’m going to do for now is make 4 of the units so I can join them and see the first star appear. Then I’ll finish printing the shapes on the fabrics from the layer cake and get all the shapes cut out and ready to stitch.

The first unit was made. This unit finishes at 3″.

Seams graded and unit pressed.

Baxter was busy organizing his stash room. According to Mr. Q.O., Baxter is much more organized than any quilter he knows.

Earlier in the day, he was lounging in my computer chair.

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