What are PIBs? Project in Boxes. These are only a few of the projects currently inhabiting project boxes.

Two small boxes. One contains the shapes I need for the little LeMoyne Stars for the doll’s bed runner and more. I already know that I’ll be making lots more of these little stars. I picked out some more charms yesterday on which I’ll print the diamonds. The other small box contains shapes for the 2″ Drunkard’s Trail blocks that I’m going to use to make the quilt for the doll’s bed.

The 2″ Drunkard’s Path project box. Once all these are stitched, I’ll have everything I need for the quilt I’m making which was inspired by a quilt in Ontario’s Heritage Quilts.

The batik sunflowers project box. There aren’t many in there now, but a stack of batiks are ready to be ironed to freezer paper and fed through the printer so that box will soon be full.

The Jelly Beans (9″ Hunter’s Star) project box. More will be added to this box as well.

The 6″ Hunter’s Star project box. Everything is here for this project.

The colourful 9-patch blocks on point. Everything is here for this project. It’s just a matter of adding the white triangles to each 9-patch block and then sewing the blocks together to have that quilt top finished.

Other than the doll’s bed runner and quilt, all these projects are really on the back burner. The project that’s taking up my time now is the Pickled Ladies quilt. There’s a bit more printing of shapes on fabric to do for the pieced border but it’s not too far off now.

Today’s post was inspired by a comment left yesterday by Liz. There are yet more project boxes to show, most of which will be photographed this week.

For a while last night it looked like I wouldn’t be able to blog today at all as our internet service through our ISP was out for a while and, when we called to find out what the problem was, we were told that it could be up to 24 hours before it was resolved. Thankfully it was a lot faster than that. What did I learn from that? That it’s a darn good thing we kept our phone with a different service provider. If we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have even been able to report the problem as our cable provider is the same as our ISP and the cable was out as well.

Baxter was back at the Royal Winter Fair, this time taking part in a sheep-shearing contest. He has his own cheering section.

Then he was home to rest up, perched on top of the pink loveseat.

9 thoughts on “PIBs

  1. Cathi, I love your PIBs; mine are in crushed pizza boxes! 😦 Do you make all of your quilts with the Inklingo now? I’m just dipping my toe in the Inklingo ocean of shapes, but it is a bit overwhelming.


  2. I love it..PIB’s! Projects in boxes…projects in bags…projects in back (of closet!).
    I can only dream of being as organized as you one day…it would be a delightful
    way to live! Plus…I’d get to collect darling little boxes like you…gotta love them!


  3. You are soooo organized! I have so many PIBs but I have PIB in PIB in totes and containers, I need to find them all and get busy!
    I am amazed at Baxter’s skills! I’m glad he didn’t decide to give his friends buzz cuts!


  4. I love your organization. It makes it so much easier to get into a project this way. I need to do some cutting today for my triangle boxes. I’m out of light ones.


  5. There is a lady paper piecing these 30s into wedding ring, so pretty! Met so many new friends, old ones, blog friends,etc.



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