Wednesday’s Little Blocks

As the focus now is on my aunt’s quilt, one flower was all that was done to add to the garden.

A few klosjes blocks were added to the collection as well.

On Saturday night, we went to the large grocery store that’s down near the waterfront.  It was still quite warm and humid but the clouds were rolling in, bringing in the rather cool weather we’ve had since.  We got this shot of the skyline from the parking lot of the grocery store.

This is my latest favourite shot of Smudge.  He was very alert as it was getting close to the time for his nightly yogourt treat.

Lester spent a fair amount of time on the windowsill on Tuesday watching the birds.

23 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Little Blocks

  1. Wow, I am impressed, even though you are working on your Aunt’s quilt you still managed to get some other blocks completed. I love both of the pictures of the cats. Very regal looking!


  2. Sweet little blocks!! We have been a bit cooler too, I’m hoping for a warm up today, I need to beat Bob at golf…he’s one stroke up on me right now LOL.



    • It’s raining here and still quite cool. I think we’re heading for a big warm-up tomorrow as we’re to be back into the 90s on Friday. I can’t wait. This cool damp weather is the pits!



  3. Hi Cathi. love all the work you are doing at the moment, as always. Have you used the lovely quilt frame you won yet? I was lucky enough to buy one second hand here in the UK. Originally it’s from the States and has patent pending written on it! If you have used yours did you still baste/pin the quilt. I’ve almost finished my daughters DWR but will be quilting it while on holiday in France. She is getting married in October.

    Thanks for any advice


  4. Wow…Those clouds are something!!! My puppies get yogurt every night also and wait very patiently for it.
    Have a great day Cathi.


  5. Good job, even one extra flower/klosje is amazing while you are focused on your aunts quilt! Great skyline photo!
    Hmm, I also become alert near feeding/treat times!!! 😉


  6. I like the “personality” of the green center on that flower block! We had cooler weather yesterday and it is supposed to be hot and humid by Friday. I’d like something halfway between, thank you.


  7. What a gorgeous picture of the sky-line. Wow!
    I love your little additions: the Klosjes are so cute and the little flower is sweet!
    I have been swamped in the last few days and feel a ‘bit’ overwhelmed! 🙂 Hopefully i will ‘finally’ get some time to play with my new clamshells tomorrow, i can’t wait to let you know, Cath!


  8. Oh I just love the fabric in that sweet flower!
    I did purchase some Inklingo downloads. Do you think I can use the hexagon download done with the running stitch along with the ones I’ve done with EPP? Help!


  9. Another very pretty flower and I like the new klosjes too – they’re brilliant for a quick ‘sewing fix’ aren’t they? We have very grey skies here at the moment as well. Smudge is definitely looking very expectant in that picture!


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