Pastel Winding Ways

Another quilt in a box, ready to stitch. Everything I need is in that box. All the pieces, cut and ready to stitch, and the thread colours that work with those fabrics.

There are a number of the blocks made already and the pieces for the next block are picked out, ready to stitch. Another one that is going to get worked into the rotation when the red and white and Pickled Ladies quilt tops are done.

Yesterday a surprise package arrived here. Among other wonderful treats, there was this package of binding clips. I had read about them somewhere and was intrigued but didn’t think I’d see them here for a while yet. So I’m thrilled and can’t wait until it’s cool enough and I have a quilt ready to bind so I can try them out. It is going to have to cool down a lot before I even contemplate quilting anything. Yesterday was very hot and today promises more of the same with a humidex reading somewhere around 42C.

Google is a wonderful thing! I had lost touch with a friend about 12 years ago. Over the years, I’ve made some attempts to find her with no luck. On the weekend, I tried Googling her name once again and found her daughter. Shot an e-mail off to her daughter and within 24 hours I had heard from my friend. Last night we were on the phone for close to two hours. It seemed like yesterday that we last spoke, just picked up right where we left off and made tentative plans to get  together in the fall.

A Baxtertoon of a grateful kitty.

Why is he grateful? Because in the package with the binding clips was a very special kitty toy. He has other toy mice but never has been as attracted to them as he is to this one.

8 thoughts on “Pastel Winding Ways

  1. I know why you have so many UFO, you have too many boxes! If you eliminate the pretty boxes, you won’t have them to fill with new projects! Well maybe that won’t work……..
    Baxter is grateful for that mouse because he has that long wiggle tail that really gets cats going. Is there catnip in it?


  2. Those clips are a good idea……I shall keep an eye out for them! Baxter is certainly enjoying his new toy. The internet is a wonderful place – I have made so many friends, thanks to that little magic computer!


  3. You sure are good with curves…I like the soft and pretty design! That’s just wonderful that you found your friend! A dear friend said to me recently, “If only I could google my memories.” Now wouldn’t THAT be cool? I love Baxter with his new toy, he is adorable as always! 🙂


  4. I enjoy organizing my projects into pretty boxes too, all neat and tidy. Your fabrics are going to make the quilt absolutely beautiful. Baxter is a real cutie pie. I had to put my two precious kitties to sleep Monday. They were both very old and having many health problems to the point ist was the merciful thing to do – but it was also one of the hardest things I have had to do. We do get attached to our sweet pets.


  5. Love your Winding Ways project! I am always impressed with the variety of designs I see made with hand-dyed fabric! And how wonderful for you to be able to reconnect with a friend! The internet is an amazing place!


  6. Another pretty quilt. Pretty garden colors, in a winding path…
    I am so happy that you connected with your friend!!! So glad you googled her.
    What a nice package,so sweet and thoughtful.


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