A Summer Picnic

The summer picnic dish quilt, that is. Remember this one? This is so much fun to put together that I found myself really wrestling with the idea of working on it last night instead of the red and white border. But reason prevailed and more of the red and white border was done. If I can stay on track — big if with me — I should have the hand piecing done for the red and white border by early next week. Then the summer picnic dish is definitely coming out and I will work on it and one other project almost exclusively. The picnic dish grows so quickly that it won’t take very long to finish it.

Over the past while I have been printing shapes on fabrics for the picnic dish and a couple of other projects.

Some cutting of the shapes has been done.

It has a little box which is fine for the smaller shapes, but clearly will need a larger one to hold the centres and setting shapes.

The heat the past two days has been intense. And oh, so humid. We rarely have the air conditioning on in the living room as the window is so well shaded by a tree. But the past two days the air conditioning has been on. A lot. I’ve never felt the heat as much as I have this time. I can’t wait for Friday when they say our humidex will be only 30C. That will feel downright cool after the past few days. Heat advisory, humidex advisory and smog advisory. And summer is just beginning? Makes me wonder what it’s going to be like in mid-July.

Baxter’s love of fabric inspired today’s Baxtertoon.

A Baxter profile shot.

16 thoughts on “A Summer Picnic

  1. Love your picnic dish quilt. It’s going to be beautiful. I always look forward to Baxter’s pictures but now I’m doubly delighted with the Baxtertoons…especially today’s. What a hoot!


  2. The Summer Picnic Dish is beautiful. We have heat but no humidity. Really. Lately our humidity has been 5-20% within a single day. We also have the worst wildfire in our state’s history going on at present and our house is under the flight path of the planes and helicopter refueling airport. Baxtertoons are great! Is Mr. QO doing them electronic or on paper?


  3. That pic of Baxter is FABULOUS!!!!!! Such a gorgeous kitty!!!! Love hubby’s
    Drawing also. Your quilt projects make me want to make them all too. So far I have been able to stem the desire but as your quilts come together, it is getting harder.


  4. The picnic quilt is amazing! That has to be one of the best ones you have put together!
    And that has to be the best picture of Baxter, such a beautiful cat!


  5. I am not a lover of heat/humidity either–so draining! Here, it is so cold and wet, I put the heating on. hard to believe it is Longest day.
    Your quilt is beautiful—the colors are indeed summery. 🙂



  6. WOW!~ Perfect name for this beauty. I’m so sorry about the weather you are having to endure. It’s bad enough for us southerners who are USE to it. I can’t imagine. Stay inside with the air conditioning and sew. That’s what we do down here all summer. It’s out winter. Meaning, INSIDE time. Winter months, I’m outside and loving it.
    Great Baxtertoon today! Loving those drawings, Mr. Q.O. Keep them coming, please.


  7. WHOHOOO!!! finally able to post on wordpress!!!! Okay, your quilt is gorgeous…I’m coming over to learn your storage program in your studio. I love those cute boxes with the packets separating all the parts of the quilt blocks. So organized…I’m so filled with envy…lol! love Baxter…great cat drawings!


  8. I love reading your blog. This quilt is the reason I started reading it since I have been considering a pickle dish quilt. Yours is the most beautiful one I’ve seen and I expect to find some material that similar to yours and get started on it sometime soon. I have gone back and reading years of your blog. Keep up the good work.


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