Some Shabby Piecing

… is definitely in my future. Remember the Joseph’s Coat shabby chic project? It feels like forever since I’ve worked with my favourite shabby chic fabrics, so once the red and white top is done it will be the shabby projects that get some attention for a week or two.

I’ve got lots of shapes printed on fabrics and cut out, waiting to be added to the Joseph’s Coat.

And lots and lots of the shapes for the shabby chic Yin Yang blocks are ready. As are more shapes for the Memories of Smudge Yin Yang blocks, although not shown here.

But the first thing I’m doing after the red and white is done is finish Pickled Ladies. The border for it is now completely designed and won’t take long to piece at all.

So as of now, I think the projects on which I’ll work next are:

  • Pickled Ladies
  • Joseph’s Coat
  • Shabby Yin Yang
  • Memories of Smudge Yin Yang
  • Summer Picnic Dish
  • Monet and Tiffany Lamp quilts

Of those seven, only one is going to involve a lot of piecing. Β The others will be relatively quick to finish piecing.

There’s a car race held here in early July. Every year before the race, they have a racecar balanced on four teacups outside the entrance to one of the major retailers in the building complex. And every year I think we need to get a photo of it. This time we did.

I can hardly believe those dainty china teacups are holding the weight of the car, but they are. What I’d love to see is how on earth they manage to get the car balanced on the cups and then how they remove the car when they take down the display.

Put a toy on a table and Baxter’s right there. He knows where his toys are at almost all times.

Even with the air conditioning on, it’s been warm in the apartment. Baxter knows how to stay cool. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “So cute, aren’t I?”

15 thoughts on “Some Shabby Piecing

  1. You are truly obsessed (in a good way). Living
    To quilt is not a bad thing. I am there mostly by machine but I always have a hand project that is portable. Who is the new cartoonist? Baxter and the toons are always so cute


  2. I am going to have to get busy with the inklingo project…soon. Meanwhile, I love coming here and viewing your progress. Love that cat…bet he knows how to stay cool….
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Some beautiful projects here Cathi πŸ™‚ Love all of them but especially love the look of the Joseph’s Coat one. Your ladies have fair grown in size! Looking forward to seeing the borders you add to it.
    Mr. O is doing some great little cartoon drawings of Kitty Baxter πŸ™‚ He has him to a T.
    Yes Baxter you are very cute!! LOL… Ellyx


  4. I think your to do list just got longer with the release of the leaves by Linda, I have a feeling a block will show up with the new leaves, perhaps the peony?


  5. Oh. My! *faints* That is some list you have there! Also, I love the casual way you say that only one is going to involve a lot of piecing! I am in awe of how quickly you make every thing. Also am curious—how do you define fabrics as ‘shabby chic’? πŸ™‚

    Also—*love* the curl of Baxter’s paws in that photo! β™₯
    Γ€ bi!


  6. Your to-do stack is like a virtual quilt show! A very classy one, all keepers! I never
    would have guessed that teacups could have supported such weight! I’m thinking
    that the china teacup company ought to jump on bandwagon and herald the quality
    of their cups!!!! πŸ™‚ Poor Baxter, with that thick fur coat, the heat would be tough!
    Mr Q’s cartoons are darling, keep ’em coming!


  7. Love the Joseph’s Coat. can’t wait to see the Pickled Ladies complete. That’s impressive with the race car on the teacups.

    Our first Dalmatian always used to know where all his toys were. My husband would mess with him and move one when he wasn’t looking then tell him to fetch that toy. He would go to where it was and look around the come stop at look at Steve with a puzzled look…..poor Ditto. I would feel sorry for him and help him out…….


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