More Drunkard’s Path Blocks

Another 10 of the Drunkard’s Path blocks are done. Only 423 to go. I am going to start joining them into groups of 4 blocks soon rather than leave that all to the end.

Remember this box full of the pieces I needed for the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt?

This is what it looks now. It is going to be wonderful to finish the stitching for the pieced border and retire this box and it’s getting close. I can almost envision finishing the piecing by the end of next week.

Baxter was wandering about Mr. Q.O.’s desk last night which somehow inspired today’s Baxtertoon, I think.  Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “Hi, neighbour!”

Earlier in the evening, Baxter was curled up in his chair.

5 thoughts on “More Drunkard’s Path Blocks

  1. Such a tease! We want to see the completed stitching, not the nearly empty box!! :)) So exciting to be nearing the end! And Mr. Q. O is quite the artist…fun to see his contributions to the blog!


  2. What a reveal this Red and white quilt will be! Can’t wait! Great Baxtertoon~”Won’t you be my neighbor?!?!” Can’t help but hear Mr. Rogers singing that. He was so wonderful!~ THey have his sweater in the Smithsonian. I love these little 30’s blocks so much.


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