Some Monet Blocks in Progress

Over the past week or so, I’ve been picking out the shapes for a few more of the Monet blocks and have started putting them together. This may be one block.

This may be another.

Why may? Because I’m thinking now that I’ll put them together as far as that. Then, when I’ve got enough of the units for a number of blocks done, I’m going to play and see if I like them combined with different units than I originally planned to use.

What I’m dying to work on is a huge block for me — 18 inches.  That’s massive.  And I’m going to be making it using the new Inklingo 18″ Rose Star collection. There’s a 12″ collection as well. Want to see what the block looks like? Go to this post on the All About Inklingo blog and you’ll see what I’m absolutely determined to get started on. I’ve got fabrics picked out but there are two problems. One, I’m working on a top-secret project that I can’t share and that has a very tight deadline. Two, my printer seems to have just about had it. We spent a lot of time on the weekend trying all the tricks and tips for cleaning the printer but no success. It’s not all that surprising as I do use it a lot. I’m hoping to be able to print and start a Rose Star block sometime this week.

I’ll be doing some fussy cutting/printing for sure as I think the effects one could get with that may be rather fabulous in the Rose Star block. And I love the idea that making just a few of those big blocks could make a lap quilt in next to no time.

Today is supposed to be incredibly hot and humid. Baxter’s ready for a heat wave, lounging around by a pool with a cool drink, in today’s Baxtertoon.

When we were taking the pictures of the Monet block parts, Baxter was just waiting for a chance to grab one of the pieced units.

8 thoughts on “Some Monet Blocks in Progress

  1. These blocks are beautiful! One of my favourite colour combos too. Love them!
    Well Mr Q. O. I just wish I could be in that cartoon with Baxter lazing by a pool,
    Looking forward to seeing how you do your Rose Star. I shouldn’t read emails late at night because at that time I’m in a vunerable state of mind…. and I went and got both sizes! LOL… Oh well.. They are gorgeous blocks! Bunnycuddles to Baxter.. Elly


  2. Top Secret??!! Can’t wait to see that!! I wonder if Baxter can send out clues in his Baxtertoon pics! He could be bribed, I think!
    Might check for fur balls in your printer, you never know what he’s up to at night!
    Nice New Yorks!


  3. Really loving the acid green contrast with the purple/blue in the top block—love that whole block, actually, for the way the fabrics work. :- )
    I look forward to seeing what you do with the rose block, too!


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