Possible Rose Star Fabrics

While I’m still not quite ready to print the shapes for my first Rose Star block, choosing some possible fabric combos was definitely on. This is my first and favourite choice. Of course it is — pinks and greens.  It seems like ages since I’ve made anything that is predominantly pink.

This is my second choice. Again, there are some pinks and greens in there. I’m detecting a real preference here. Both sets will likely have a neutral added which will probably be a white on white.

The heat and humidity yesterday was unbelievable and now Environment Canada is saying it’s going to be like this through the rest of July and August. Yesterday’s humidex reading got to 44C. Nobody was out on the roof garden. Today they say it will be somewhat milder with a humidex of around 36C. I can’t believe I’m saying that’s somewhat mild.

We went to PetsMart last weekend and got Baxter some new toys, one of which is a ball made of nothing but colourful fabric strips and he absolutely loves it. That’s what inspired today’s Baxtertoon, “New Toy.”

He knows how to stay cool – just stretch out on the couch.

12 thoughts on “Possible Rose Star Fabrics

  1. Every time I see your pink and green fabrics, I want to make something NOW in pinks and greens! They are such yummy, calming colors. 🙂


  2. Oh, that heat and humidity must be so unpleasant! Here’s hoping it doesn’t stop you from making quilt blocks though. Baxter is certainly relaxed, he isn’t letting the heat get to him.


  3. Pink and green is always pretty, but then I have a bias for these colors. I like your ‘first choice’. All gorgeous. Sorry about the weather you have been having. Let’s hope it improves so you can enjoy your roof garden.


  4. I really like the first choice. I can hardly wait to see what you do with them.
    I hope the priinter is feeling well enough to print your shapes for it. Maybe it’s suffering from the heat like
    the rest of us.


  5. DOH! I was hoping you had completed a block by now ;)) LOVE your choice of fabrics. Don’t love the sound of all that heat! Never mind. Another 4 months it’ll be snow ;)) Another cute Baxtertoon Mr. Q.O. and Baxter as cute as ever.


  6. You know you AHVE to use pink in a rose block! With green it will be one of your best!
    Is Baxter trying to rearrange the fabric on his new toy? I, too, was at PetSmart today and bought new toy mice!


  7. I see another beautiful quilt in your future! You have such pretty fabrics Cathi.
    Baxter truly IS a quilter’s kitty. That is the perfect toy! I’m sure when you were purchasing it, you were thinking… I could make that or this or that… Kind of like a child who loves pots and pans and things. I’ve never seen a cat who liked his toys so much. Thunderstorm here… better turn off computer. XO


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