Dark Stormy Seas

Dark Storm at Sea Block IMG_2335wtmk

This is definitely one of the darkest of the Stormy Seas blocks. Now there are only four left to make with the dark, dark blue batik.

Back of Dark Storm at Sea block IMG_2336wtmk

Its back, after pressing and grading the seams.

I realized something as I was sewing this block, though, and that’s that the other fabric is the most difficult to needle of all the batiks used in the Stormy Seas blocks. So much so that I might – I’ve not decided about this yet – isolate all those blocks still to be made that have that fabric in them and get them sewn after I finish with the dark ones. That way I won’t have any challenging ones left and those that remain will just be pure enjoyment to sew. I’ll decide when I reach the end of the dark ones. But I am really happy I did decide to keep sewing these blocks right now as I’m finding them easier and faster to sew the more of them I piece.

Over the past week or so, I’ve been slowly reorganizing stash and, in the process, have come across all sorts of orphan blocks. Most of them I’m content to just leave as orphan blocks and possibly turn into sewing book covers or something else.

Orphan Block IMG_2342wtmk

This is one of the ones that intrigue me. I have some other rich dark scraps similar to the red and black print and more than enough of the background fabric in this to make a few more – just enough for a small wallhanging, I think. I like how rich this looks and think it might be a very striking small quilt. I wonder if this is intriguing to me right now because I’m working on the Stormy Seas blocks and it was made using pieces I printed using a Storm at Sea Inklingo collection. Or is it just coincidence? Hmmm…

It was a dark and stormy nightwtmk

“It was a dark and stormy night…”

Baxter Does Crossword IMG_1825wtmk

Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “I got 23 across for you.”  I’m impressed that Mr. Q.O.’s pen was still to be found. That look on Baxter’s face just makes me laugh, as I think he was probably waiting for Mr. Q.O. to look away before he managed to get the pen on the floor where all pens belong, in Baxter’s opinion, with all the other kitty toys.

6 thoughts on “Dark Stormy Seas

  1. Oh !!!that darker blue is wonderful, and when I thought I had seen the best, there was another that I liked even more. A few words for Mr Q,O,
    ” It was a dark and stormy night, the Billy Goat, he was blind, he backed into a barbed wire fence, and hurt his bare behind”!!!… I think this is in my Dad’s autograph book, from maybe the 1020’s or so, VERY old. Baxter, sometimes I need your help down here if you can solve them so easily. Love your ears.


    • That’s definitely one of the darkest of the blocks. I can’t even begin to do those puzzles – how any of you figure out the answers from the clues is beyond me!




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