Stormy Seas Sewing Sequence

I finished this Stormy Seas block with the idea that I was doing it as a reference for myself of the sewing sequence and pressing that I’ve found works best for me when making these blocks. So far, this is definitely one of my favourites!

Its back, after pressing.

It all starts with the three types of pieced units.

Which include the large centre pieced square. I’m showing the backs of the units as a pressing reference.

And the four corner pieced squares.

As well as the four pieced diamond units. I’ve found that pressing two of the diamond pieced units one way and two the opposite way makes piecing the final block work perfectly where there are lots of seams intersecting.

Once all the pieced units are made, I join the outer pieced diamond units and corner square units together into a strip which I press and then join to the centre square.

This is the piecing sequence that works the best for me. But hmm – getting back to that first sentence of this post, my original idea was to sew this block and take photos along the way so that I’d have this as a reference when I got back to working on the Stormy Seas blocks. I was thinking I’d be putting this away again for a while. However, that may just be changing! It seems I’m having so much fun making these blocks that I’m going to continue for a bit and get a few more blocks made. First I’ll get the printing done of the extra shapes I will need as I am adding the two additional lighter blue batiks to the mix so I want to get those all ready to sew.

“The Order of Things”

Baxter is really enjoying his tunnel. It’s so funny to see the tunnel moving as he plays with his toys in there.

6 thoughts on “Stormy Seas Sewing Sequence

    • I can’t even imagine trying to sew this block by machine – I just am nowhere near skilled enough when it comes to machine piecing. So I know my points would get mutilated!




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