Stormy Seas Blocks … Progress?

The three Stormy Seas blocks with the dark, dark blue batik are done! I am – was so glad when I finished sewing the last one.

Stormy Seas Block IMG_2200wtmk

This one is my favourite of the three that are finished because I love the movement in the lighter batik.

Stormy Seas IMG_2203wtmk

The lighter batik in this one is another favourite because – well, because I’m hopeless when it comes to batiks. I love them all – even the dark, dark blue one.

Stormy Seas IMG_2201wtmk

Then there’s this one. With yet another favourite batik. The metallic in it makes me think of sunlight glistening on the water.

Stormy Seas Back IMG_2199wtmk

The back of one of them – this is the way I’ve pressed them all. I realized on the weekend that I haven’t graded the seams on any of the blocks so I’ll do that one evening this week.

After I finished the three blocks, I decided to sort out all the blocks that are already sewn and check exactly what was left to sew. At that point I realized there was a fourth that needed to be sewn with that dark, dark blue batik.

Then things got interesting! And this is why the question mark in the header because – well, because is this progress?? I’ve decided I want to add two more light batiks to the mix. Adding the two more batiks means I need to sew another 16 blocks on top of the 13 that were still left to be done before I got the idea to add more light batiks to the mix. It also means another five blocks need to be sewn that have that dark, dark blue batik in them rather than just one more. Oh, well – it will be worth it in the end or at least I hope it will!

The top is going to end up with 72 blocks and will be 70″ x 78.75″ before any border. I think I have an idea for a border as well but am going to wait a bit before I make a decision about that. Right now I’m thinking I will add a pieced border that involves some curved piecing because – well, because curved piecing and batiks sounds like pure bliss to me!

Adding the two new light batiks meant I had to make sure I still had some of each of the original seven batiks as I will need to print more shapes. Mr. Q.O. must have thought I’d lost my mind if he could hear me as I  was hunting through the fabric box in which I keep my batiks. The original ones were – of course! – all at the bottom of the bin that holds my batiks. As I found each one, I was cheering as I kept getting closer and closer to being able to add to the Stormy Seas quilt. Even Baxter stayed out of the room and he usually never lets me go on a fabric hunt without his help.

Before I go back to the Silent Garden blocks, I’m going to sew one more Stormy Seas block as I want to do a post with the sewing sequence and pressing that I’ve found works best for me when making these blocks. Hopefully I’ll have that done in time for Wednesday’s post as I know I’ll find that helpful when I get back to sewing the blocks.

Undersea Treasureswtmk

“Undersea Treasures”

Baxter in Tunnel, August 4, 2018 IMG_2197wtmk

Maybe Baxter wasn’t so interested in the fabric hunt because he’s now spending a lot of time in his tunnel. Different toys are seen in there pretty much every day.

8 thoughts on “Stormy Seas Blocks … Progress?

  1. It will definitely be worth the effort for such a beautiful quilt. The colours are amazing. Well done.

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  2. wow, you’re going” overboard” on these stormy seas blocks! Can’t wait to see the final quilt! That tune is so funny! And Baxter is hiding out in case of an avalanche of batiks!


    • Love the “overboard” comment! That made me laugh. Normally Baxter would be in the middle of a fabric hunt, but not these days – I guess finding out what might be in the tunnel is more interesting.




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