Harpsichords in Silent Gardens with a Pickled Lady

That title definitely made me laugh.

B&B Silent Garden 3-5 IMG_1853wtmk

Lots of different blocks in this post! First the 5th block of row 3 of the B&B Silent Garden top.

Tranquil Garden 3-5 IMG_1846wtmk

Then the 5th block of row 3 of the Tranquil Garden top. This one is definitely my favourite of the three Silent Garden blocks in this post.

NSSG 9 IMG_1873wtmk

The third variation, another block for the Not So Silent Garden.

They’re all pressed and their seams have been graded.

Red Harpsichord IMG_1838wtmk

A pretty dark pink Harpsichord block. Oh, how I wish I had had more of that music fabric. It would have been perfect for one of the borders of the top. But maybe I can find something comparable. I’ll start looking when I’m closer to having the blocks all done and am starting to sew them into rows.

Pink Harpsichord IMG_1868wtmk

Next is a light pink Harpsichord block.

Purple Harpsichord IMG_1860wtmk

The final of this trio of Harpsichord blocks is a medium purple one. And all three of the black and white music prints that I’ve used for the octagons are represented in this group.

Their backs, after pressing and grading of the seams.

Bunch of 9-patch Blocks IMG_1833wtmk

When I was hunting for that orange fabric the other day, I found a group of about 10 of the 9-patch blocks already finished. They just needed pressing. That was a nice little bonus to find.

Orange Centre 9-patch IMG_1857wtmk

But they don’t count as doing one after every 3 Silent Garden blocks and sets of Harpsichord blocks, so I also made another 9-patch on point.

Pickled Lady IMG_1947wtmk

This is the one I’m most excited about – another Pickled Lady! Made using a small piece of the fabric I had left over from the stars for the Tranquil Garden. I’m quickly running out of the black triangles I had left over from making these originally, so it will soon be time to get to a quilt store to find another couple of FQs of black fabrics that will work and are light enough on the wrong side that printer ink will show when I print the templates for the black triangles on them.

Pickled Lady Back IMG_1959wtmk

The back of the latest Pickled Lady, after pressing and grading of the seams.

Two Harpsichords and a Pickled Lady in a Quiet Gardenwtmk

“Two Harpsichords and a Pickled Lady in a Quiet Garden”

Baxter, July 18, 2018 IMG_1945wtmk

Baxter was looking quite rumpled in this photo. This is his normal look, even though I brush and comb him daily.


6 thoughts on “Harpsichords in Silent Gardens with a Pickled Lady

  1. “She” must be pickled……. in a garden with a bug, a bird and a croaking toad. The silent clam doesn’t count.

    Ah, Baxter!


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