Preparing Alternate Silent Garden Rows

I’m past the halfway point of sewing the blocks for the third rows of both the B&B Silent Garden and Tranquil Garden tops, so I decided it was time to pull out a bunch of the stars for the Not So Silent Garden top that I’ll use for its first and other of its alternate rows.

NSSG Alternate Block Pieces IMG_1985wtmk

I printed more of the irregular hexagons and kites and now have quite a few ready to sew into alternate blocks. Not all of these will be in its first alternate row, but I’m hoping that I’ll have enough choice from this group that will work for it. I want to have these done at the same time as I get its first row sorted out. Then I’ll lay them out and sort out placement of all of the stars in the NSSG top.

B&B Silent Garden Row 4 pieces IMG_1989wtmk

Because I had the first two rows done and had laid out the remaining B&B Silent Garden and Tranquil Garden stars, I already had the placement of their fourth rows sorted out – as the little pinned-on notes of placement show.

Tranquil Garden Row 4 pieces IMG_1988wtmk

Having the placement of the Tranquil Garden as well as the B&B Silent Garden stars already sorted out is great and is why I want to get to this stage with the NSSG stars. Once I have that layout figured out, then it will be nothing but sewing from now until all three of these Silent Garden tops are done. I had made a few extra alternate Tranquil Garden blocks initially and some of those did end up in row 4 rather than its row 2 which is why it appears some of them are already sewn.

Now it’s back to sewing blocks for row 3 and a couple more NSSG blocks to try out for row 1 of that top.


“Today’s Lesson”

Baxter & Mouse, July 22, 2018 IMG_1979wtmk

Baxter loves this mouse toy. It’s usually a blur of motion as he tosses it around, but I had just picked it up and put it in front of him and quickly took this before he started tossing it around again.

4 thoughts on “Preparing Alternate Silent Garden Rows

  1. You are such a busy lady, Cathi. Blocks are beautiful and you are an inspiration to me to get better organized!! Thanks so much for sharing. Betsy


    • Thanks, Betsy – I found out the hard way that not getting and keeping organized really led to far too many UFOs. I still have many, many unfinished projects, but at least I know where everything is for them!! With older ones, it may be impossible to find the fabrics I was using or pieces I had printed!




  2. You are soooooo organized. How big are these tops going to be (inches or mms)?

    Ah, Baxter. Which is better, a well loved cat toy worn out in a few days, or one totally ignored that hangs around forever? I can never decide. (As long as he is tossing the mouse around, he isn’t tossing your stars around.)

    So sorry for all of you to hear of the events in Toronto in the last few days.


    • I have to stay organized to keep on top of projects! I’m not sure how large the tops will be (and when I know I’ll post about it). But I don’t think they’ll be huge. Probably a good-sized throw quilt as I don’t plan on a lot of borders or anything like that.

      It’s the favourite toys that disappear, never to be seen again – or at least not until the stove or fridge is moved to wash the floor in the kitchen, that is. Those are the ones that he prefers by far – but one of those toys tends to disappear within a day or two, far more often than pulling out the fridge and stove happens. So next time we pull those out I’m hoping we find a couple of those favourite toys. Otherwise I have no idea where he hides them!!

      Thank you – we’re all reeling. It was quite a shock last night when the reporting began of what had happened.




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