Taking Stock

In anticipation of an Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring collection, I thought I’d have a look at my unfinished projects and see if anything jumped out at me that would have to be included in a rotation with the Golden Wedding Ring quilt I know I want to make. In no time, I found two – not a surprise, I suppose, given how often I flit from project to project.

The two I found are rather big ones in varying stages of completion.

Finished DWR Rings IMG_1997wtmk

The first is a two-colour Double Wedding Ring. I’ve made loads of these rings.

Finished Arc:Melon DWR Combos IMG_1999wtmk

And lots of finished arc/melon units.

Partially Finished DWR Melon:Arc Unitwtmk

When I opened the project box I found this – it seems I got distracted by something and left an arc/melon unit unfinished. The pieces needed for the remaining three arc/melon units for a ring are in the little glassine envelope that’s with the unfinished melon/arc unit.

DWR Project Box IMG_1998wtmk

Thankfully, I have everything printed and sorted and in glassine envelopes in the DWR project box so I can easily put my hands on the pieces I need to finish the two-colour top.  And I even put aside enough of the burnt orange fabric to make its binding. So everything is ready and I have no excuse not to keep working on this! This one has my favourite – curved piecing.

Finished Storm at Sea Blocks IMG_1994wtmk

The second rather big project is the Stormy Seas one I started years ago when I made all these blocks.

Partially Finished Storm at Sea block IMG_1995wtmk

Once again, when I looked in the project box, I found I had left off working on it when I was in the midst of a block. Clearly I was distracted by something else – again.

Storm at Sea Project BoxIMG_1996wtmk

There aren’t that many blocks left to make. All the pieces for each block are printed and  ready in the glassine envelopes that are left in this project box. I remember when I began the Stormy Seas project – I could barely cram all the envelopes in that little tin. This project has loads of opportunities for continuous sewing.

So now I will have three projects to work on when the Golden Wedding Ring collection is released – maybe, just maybe, I can get all three finished if I stick to a rotation.

Right now I’m going to take a break from the various Silent Garden, Harpsichord and 9-patch blocks and finish these two partially completed blocks for both of these waiting projects so that when they do get started up again, I won’t have any partially finished blocks to deal with.

Safe on Shorewtmk

“Safe on Shore”

Baxter July 23, 2018 IMG_1992wtmk

Baxter was snoozing Tuesday evening in the kitty tree.


14 thoughts on “Taking Stock

    • Thank you – sometimes it doesn’t feel all that organized around here, but I do try to keep unfinished projects in some semblance of order so that I can pick them up easily and not be looking for missing bits.




  1. I love the Stormy Seas blocks and the ‘toon is so fitting. You both are so creative. Of course Baxter doesn’t care about any of that – let’s have a snooze; what’s happening on the roof garden, etc.


    • Thanks, Liz – I’m anxious now to see the Stormy Seas blocks all done so I can start playing with the layout and see if I’m getting the effect I was after when I began it. Baxter’s only interest in my quilt stuff is when I leave a little piece of fabric within his reach – he loves to grab one and march around with it in his mouth. Silly boy!! Cathi



  2. Stormy Seas has been a favourite of mine for some time, the pattern I have seen is for slightly larger pieces fort machine quilting. Love the way you save all the pieces, and even the binding, a super plan to save running out of that matching fabric.


    • Because of all the points meeting at intersections I decided to do my Stormy Seas in batiks – and I am so glad I did. Even with them, there’s still a fair bit of bulk at some intersections. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like with regular quilting cotton!!




  3. You, Cathi, are absolutely amazing! LOVE your Storm at Sea and your lovely organization. You’re the “cat’s pajamas”!


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