A Pickled Lady in the Silent Gardens?

I couldn’t resist that title because really – a pickled lady in a silent garden? The thought makes me laugh. But before I get to the new Pickled Lady, there are a couple of Silent Garden and Harpsichord blocks to show.

B&B Silent Garden 3-3 IMG_1816wtmk

First is the third block for row 3 of the B&B Silent Garden top.

B&B Silent Garden 3-3 Back IMG_1817wtmk

And its back after pressing/grading of seams.

Tranquil Garden 3-3 IMG_1818wtmk

The next Tranquil Garden block is also the third block for row 3 of the Tranquil Garden top.

Tranquil Garden 3-3 Back IMG_1819wtmk

Its back after pressing and grading the seams.

Dark Green Harpsichord IMG_1809wtmk

And because I’m sticking with my plan of making a harpsichord block after every Silent Garden block, there are two more of them as well. First, a dark green one.

Dark Pink Harpsichord IMG_1814wtmk

And then a lovely deep pink one.

Dark Pink Harpsichord Pink BackIMG_1815wtmk

The back of the pink block. The back of the green is the same.

Pickled Lady IMG_1905wtmk

And then, finally, the one I’m most excited about – the new Pickled Lady!

This wouldn’t have happened so quickly had I not found, in the little project box that had the remaining bits and pieces from making the top, a couple of strips of the black and white triangles already pieced. So then it was just a matter of fussy cutting/printing the clamshell and adding one of those strips to it.

Pickled Lady Back IMG_1906wtmk

Its back after pressing and grading of seams.

When I got out the window template to start auditioning the florals I had pulled for the new pickled ladies, I realized fairly quickly that I’m going to have to keep looking as fewer than half of them are suitable. I am trying very hard to not have any repeats in the Pickled Ladies top, so it’s going to get challenging. But I want to make this as special as I possibly can so it’s worth the effort!

Baxter Julyl 10, 2018 IMG_1900wtmk

Baxter was very interested in the moving leaves yesterday. There was quite a breeze at times and the leaves would rustle and oh, my – his eyes would get huge as he watched.

12 thoughts on “A Pickled Lady in the Silent Gardens?

    • I had the Pickled Ladies top put together, ready for borders when I realized the border I planned wasn’t going to work unless I added more of the ladies. So now I have to find a couple of black & white prints that are suitable to use for printing and more florals and then it will get finished with its pieced border that I’m determined to add to it.




  1. You pickled lady is from the “Anniversary Rose” collection by Hoffman a couple of years ago. Can’t wait to see your quilt of “pickles”.

    How big is that center square in the harpischord block?

    Goodness, Baxter looks grumpy.


    • The centre square in the harpsichord block is .75”. Actually, all the seams are .75” in the block.

      If only I’d thought it out at the beginning – I would have hopefully had more florals that would work for this by now to make the extra ladies. But now I need to take out the last row of partial pickled clamshells so that I can add more of the Pickled Ladies.

      Baxter was not impressed with me trying to take pictures of him right then. He wanted to watch the leaves!




    • The Pickled Ladies quilt will be one that I definitely keep – all those beautiful florals in it just send me. Having that little strip of triangles ready was a bonus. I have a couple more that I found as well, so I can at least make a few more of the Pickled Ladies right now. Then it’s definitely time to find a couple of FQs of small white on black prints that are suitable for printing and some more florals so I can complete this top. I know I’m going to be thrilled when it’s done.




  2. The oickled lady block is beautiful Cathi. I love the colours. Baxter is really quite beautiful too. Where are the ‘toons?


    • Thank you! I love the whole idea of all these clamshells with a floral centre – the overall look makes me think of an English cottage filled with chintz-covered sofas and chairs, although that’s not the little story I have half written about the Pickled Ladies.

      The ‘toons will be back soon. Maybe even tomorrow.




  3. So many different varieties of blocks! It’s always fun to see what you’re working on.
    Please tell Mr Q O that I am missing his cartoons and look forward to seeing them again hopefully soon.
    I know you are still missing Jake. I lost my Cocoa a short-haired orange and white tabby last summer. I still look for him and miss him so. Sewing isn’t the same without him laying on my fabric on the cutting table. I do have two new sewing buddies – a pair of black kittens who just turned a year old – Magnus and Klaus. A house without cats is just too lonely.


    • Thank you, Susan – I really do like having a variety to work on. The ‘toons will be back soon – maybe even tomorrow!

      I can’t imagine not having a cat – I’ve had one ever since I was a little girl and just can’t even begin to think about what it would be like to not have one. So I’m very glad we have Baxter!




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