A Harpsichord in a Not So Silent Garden?

When I realized I was going to blog about finished Harpsichord and NSSG blocks, the thought of a harpsichord in a Not So Silent Garden just made me laugh.

NSSG IMG_1758wtmk

This is the seventh of the NSSG blocks I’ve done. I’ve finally started to keep count and think I may stop after another three or four and start joining some of these into row 1 and then sort out what will be in row 2. They’re just so much fun to sew that I don’t want to stop.

NSSG Back IMG_1759wtmk

The back after pressing and grading the seams.

Purple Harpsichord IMG_1756wtmk

Then I finished a purple Harpsichord block. Sticking with this has meant my stack of finished Harpsichord blocks has really grown.

Back of Purple Harpsichord IMG_1757wtmk

And its back after pressing and grading of seams.

9-patch block IMG_1754wtmk

Because this was the end of the half stack of 3 each of  the Silent Garden and Harpsichord blocks, it was time to do another one of the little 9-patches. The box that the finished ones go in is starting to get too full, so after a few more it will be time to put them in a larger box. And this is anther project that is finally growing after way too long in hibernation!

Remember I said I was thinking got starting something new? Well, it wasn’t this!! I had something else in mind and had no intention of doing anything with 45-degree diamonds. Until, that is, I saw this post on Chopin – A Passionate Quilter about a quilt made with them called the York Quilt from a Quiltmania Vintage Quilts publication. Oh, my – using the Inklingo .88″ 45-degree diamonds or, for that matter, perhaps the .75″ ones, I might just have to make a mini York Quilt. The name alone makes me think it’s meant to be as Toronto was, in its infancy, nicknamed Muddy York. So along with the idea of all that fabulous continuous sewing that would be part of hand piecing those blocks, the name attracts me as does the quilt itself. I can see it in all sorts of bright batiks with a pretty background fabric. A mini wouldn’t take that long to sew, and there’s no reason I’d have to make it all that large either or maybe I would want to make all 30 blocks. Who knows! But perhaps I should print enough diamonds to make one block and see what I think before I jump in. That might make the most sense.

Baxter IMG_1786wtmk

Baxter was practicing his lion look, I think, or perhaps it was his “Have I got you hypnotized into giving me more treats yet?” look.


10 thoughts on “A Harpsichord in a Not So Silent Garden?

    • It’s a rather spectacular quilt – and seems like just the right idea or start of the right idea for a mini! I wonder if I might not just get started on it soon as a little diversion from Silent Garden blocks.



      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, no!! I can feel myself slowly getting drawn to looking for just the right fabrics/figuring out what sizes of freezer paper I need to cut in order to print, etc., etc. I am going to try to resist, though!!




  1. The quilt is Yoder Lodge and it is made by using the strip
    Piece method.

    Machine pieced. There is a learning curve
    But once you get thru that it is easier
    One has to do precision piecing to get
    Points accurate.


    • I wouldn’t machine piece it – I’d much rather hand piece a block like this as it’s the kind of block that offers so many opportunities for continuous sewing and anyway, I always prefer to hand piece!! I thought it was called the York Lodge quilt going by the photo from the magazine.


  2. Hi Cathi, reading that post about the pain she was going through to make that lovely York quilt block didn’t sound like much fun. Clearly she is not using Inklingo!


    • You’re not kidding! I couldn’t believe she was going through that – not when there’s Inklingo that makes it all so much easier!! I think piecing it will be nothing but enjoyable fun with Inklingo’s perfect lines and all that fabulous continuous sewing.


    • Oh, Simone – I’m trying so hard to resist! But today I found myself pulling possible fabric combinations for a block of the York Lodge quilt. I’m hopeless!! How are your kitties doing?




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