My Christmas Fireworks, that is, which is what I decided to call my version of Willyne Hammerstein’s Midnight Fireworks in Millefiori Quilts.

Notice anything? I realized after I had put together a few more of these blocks that I have been adding the black framing pieces two ways – one has the centre star’s central point pointing right up while the other doesn’t.

And while this picture isn’t very good at all – I laid the blocks out on top of the duvet so there were lots of hills and valleys – it shows an example of what the quilt may look like when it’s finished. Initially I thought I didn’t like having the stars not positioned exactly the same but after looking at the picture for a while, I decided I do like the movement it adds.

So now I’ve started sewing more and more of the Midnight Fireworks blocks – and I’ve found a way to sew them somewhat more quickly. All the central stars are done, so for each block I grab 16 red diamonds and, using my hand chain piecing method, sew them into pairs. Once that’s done there’s just loads and loads of continuous stitching to come, first adding the pairs of red diamonds around the star and then adding the beige/gold pieces. Once that is done, then it will be a matter of adding the black frame and corner pieces to each block.

I decided to do these steps in groups of five blocks – so I chain piece all the red pairs for 5 blocks, add them to the 5 central stars, et cetera, et cetera. I’m not really sure if this is actually faster, but it feels like it’s faster. So I’m going to go with that.

Now the trick will be ensuring that I keep a balance of how I set the stars that are mostly dark/green and those that are mostly red in the centres so that when laying out the blocks I won’t run into trouble. Stay tuned. This may or may not be an adventure!

As of the moment, I am trying to stay focused only on Christmas Fireworks as I’d like to get the top finished soon. But the Stormy Seas blocks are also calling as there aren’t all that many of those left to make either. For now, though, it’s fireworks and only fireworks.

Baxter has never been frightened by fireworks as they’re never set off around here. For that I’m very thankful.

“We’re Off Course!’

10 thoughts on “Fireworks!!

  1. So easy to blame someone else when you go “off the rails:”. Hope the crew found the right star to steer by!!! Love those blocks, and to have the star point at a different place adds to their beauty.


    • Thank you, Linda! I love the movement the differently set stars add – but can you imagine trying to duplicate this without Inklingo’s matching points? No way would it work as easily or well!




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