More Fireworks!

Christmas Fireworks, that is – my take on Willyne Hammerstein’s Midnight Fireworks quilt in Millefiori Quilts. Which, of course, I’m making with the Inklingo Midnight Fireworks collection.

First up an off-centre fireworks.

Then a centred one.

And finally another off-centre one.

Now I’ve used all the red diamond pairs I had pieced so it’s time to chain piece more of them. I’ve decided to do these blocks in groups of 8 or 10 so this time I’m going to chain piece (by hand) eight pairs of red diamonds for each of 10 blocks.

I had these three blocks done a few day ago but I got caught up in deciding what to do with yet more masks! I opened a dresser drawer that I clearly haven’t been in for quite some time and discovered another large bunch of masks. They were all made at almost the very beginning of the pandemic, before I had decided on using my Kaffe fabrics. These ones, though, were made in some favourite fabrics, often in the last bit of those fabrics. I decided to take some of them apart, and have begun that process, and they’ll be used in a quilt. The others I’m going to remake as masks as I think we’ll be using them for quite some time yet and they are the perfect fabrics for masks that will go with some of my winter sweaters. I’m thinking of using the fabrics from the ones I take apart to make a Tumbling Blocks quilt or perhaps an apple core one. I’m not sure and have loads of time before I need to decide.

Baxter was hanging out on his kitty tree yesterday morning. It has been weeks since he has been there but over the last few days there he has been more and more often.

7 thoughts on “More Fireworks!

  1. Baxter, consider yourself one of the more fortunate ones, you don’t have to wear a mask, risk going into a shop where Covid might be hiding, all your cares and needs at home, maybe a loud PURR now and again to say thanks.


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