Two More Fireworks

I actually thought that by the middle of January I’d be finished making these blocks? Ha! Not a hope. It took me most of the week to make two blocks.

This one with the star straight up and down.

And this one, also with the straight star. Now I have 16 of the 35 blocks done. If I continue at this rate of two blocks a week, it will be at least another 10 weeks, if not more, before the blocks are done which puts this into mid-February at the earliest. I think. If I don’t get distracted. I’ve been fighting possible distractions all this week. I’ve found myself wanting to start a couple of things to test ideas I have – but so far I’ve resisted!

Baxter spends a lot of time in his kitty tree, but mostly in the evening.

“Stars Straight Up”

7 thoughts on “Two More Fireworks

  1. The stars are fabulous. Wow it will be a beautiful quilt when finished. Cute cartoon too and of course Baxter always looks grand but then I’m very partial to kitties!


  2. I’m fighting distractions myself! It seems that there are lots of fun projects calling my name. I love your star blocks, Baxter, and the cartoon. Have a great day!


  3. Your blocks are so beautiful! I love the fabric choices!
    Love the cartoon! How clever!
    Made me chuckle.
    Hope you have s merry Christmas.


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