Off Kilter Stars

I know I should have blogged last week but I have an excuse – I got my booster shot and it packed a bit of a punch! I’m glad it did as that means my immune system was busily making antibodies to help fight COVID but still – I wasn’t expecting to feel like I’d been hit by a bus!

However, two more Christmas Fireworks blocks are done, both the off kilter or not centred stars. First this one, which I think may be one of my favourites – so far, that is.

And then this one:

Today I’ll be doing the little bit of baking I need to do – making a few dozen butter tarts. I’m always amazed at how popular they are and love that a few minutes in the kitchen turns into a gift that’s so well liked! Then I need to finish two place mats I’m making for a friend, wrap 4 parcels and I’m done. Except I may cook our turkey breast today as well. I’m still not sure about that. I much prefer cold turkey and if it’s all cooked today then all I need worry about are some veggies on Saturday. The less I have to do on Saturday, the better.

“Everything’s Crooked”

Baxter’s napping so he has the energy to help unwrap gifts and supervise anything that might be happening in the kitchen.

Have a very Merry Christmas and, just in case I don’t blog next week, a safe, healthy & Happy New Year. I hope this time next year the pandemic is behind us and life is back to whatever that new normal is going to look like!!

9 thoughts on “Off Kilter Stars

  1. Mmm!! Butter tarts!! My Mom always made them! I live in the US. now, but I look for butter tarts, when I’m back home. Don’t know when that will be again. Merry Christmas!


  2. Both blocks are truly beautiful, one is even entered in the “toon, and crooked may be the new word for 2022!!! Many wonderful greetings to you both and Baxter, have a peaceful and safe Christmas time.


  3. Beautiful blocks as always! Have a great day and I hope next year will be better and everyone will get all their vaccines to accomplish a healthy world!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thanks for sharing your blog. I’m waiting until after the holidays for my booster. I had a reaction to the second and with family coming I didn’t want to be feeling poorly. I love your blocks, the cartoon, and Baxter too


  5. I’ve had a reaction to each of them (all 3), so now I would be disappointed if I didn’t. This time it only lasted about 9-12 hrs.

    Happy Christmas to you, Baxter and the other members of the household. I made yeast bread Christmas breakfast roll.


  6. It is always a pleasure and delight to see your new creations! Exquisite as always! Baxter is adorable! I hope you recover quickly and have a blessed Christmas!


  7. Love both the blocks. Like you, I favor the first one. Hope you had a blessed Christmas and tell Baxter he has the right idea. Happy New Year early.


  8. Happy New Year, Cathi & Mr Q O. Your blocks are gorgeous–as usual. We had mild reactions to the booster and are very grateful to be able to get them. Please don’t let your guard down, okay?


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