A Little Bit of a Little Border

Aside from playing around with EQ, this is what I’ve been working on. I need 4 long strips like this for one of the pieced borders for Scrappy Star. At this point, it seems like an endless bit of stitching for a border that finishes at only 2.25″ wide but I’m almost three-quarters done and I know I’m going to be pleased with it once it’s finished and attached to the top.

There are loads of opportunities for continuous stitching when attaching the QSTs to the diamonds and I’m taking full advantage of those opportunities. That is helping make the stitching of the border strips fly along but I’ll still be glad when this part of Scrappy Star is finished!

Playing with designs in EQ  has now taken on a life of its own. The laptop is now plugged in over by the couch, rather than at my desk. The last few nights I’ve been designing and listening to TV rather than stitching and listening to TV. I think I’m on a designing binge of sorts.

Baxter was, I think, posing for this photo.

13 thoughts on “A Little Bit of a Little Border

  1. So many possibilities with that border!! Aren’t you glad you have a laptop and can at least be part of the family area, rather than a desk top and be sequestered in another room? Portability is key with the computer, just like sewing!


  2. I love your border! I find making borders very boring and it just makes me want to go start something new.

    I have never mastered EQ. I remember one day sitting and playing for a couple hours and then a screen appeared to say there was a problem and it was going to shut down and so sorry you will lose everything you just did.


  3. Terrific border! I’m excited to see it when it is sewn to the Scrappy Star; this is a beautiful project!

    I have found EQ to be addictive as well. So much so, that my laptop has moved to the couch also. LOL!


  4. The border is fabulous. I especially like the background fabric. It’s perfect for the effect you are going for. Of course any picture of Baxter is precious…


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