Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Spring 2013

Amy at Amy’s Creative Side is hosting the Blogger’s Quilt Festival again. There are lots of categories and many, many quilts to be seen. Another great quilt festival that can be seen from the comfort of your own home! No … Continue reading

More Octagon Stars

I can’t stop stitching these! The little stars go together in no time, adding the 8 squares around each one is fast as can be and then adding the red diamond and octagon connectors is just plain fun. The continuous … Continue reading

More Harpsichord Quilt Blocks

Over the Christmas break, I also worked on the harpsichord quilt blocks. There are still many to be made, but I’m going to try to get them finished this year. 154 blocks are needed for the quilt top. I have … Continue reading

Another Harpsichord Block

That’s about it. The total of my stitching on the weekend. One lonely harpsichord quilt block. I was so wiped out from the workload last week that even stitching seemed like too much work. I never say that! But that’s how … Continue reading

Harpsichord Quilt Block

The Harpsichord Quilt has made its way to the top of the list to be worked on. I got a start by adding another block to the group of finished ones last night. Each side of the octagons are .75″.  As the seams are so short, the block takes very little time to piece.

They take seconds to press.

My quilt is inspired by both the original Lucy Boston patchwork and the amazing harpsichords we saw, particularly the incredible decorative artwork that is on them. I wanted a brocade-type effect for the outer edge octagons, but didn’t want the darkness of the “right” side of the fabric, so decided I’m using the wrong side of that fabric.

As soon as I saw the Patchworks of Lucy Boston book, I fell in love with the Keyboard Patchwork. So when the .75-inch octagon Inklingo collection came out with the shapes for it, I had to get started on it.  While they have sat for ages, it’s a project I want to get finished sooner rather than later.

This is another quilt in a box project. The glassine envelopes contain everything I need, including the threads I use when piecing these blocks.

Baxter lounging on the duvet. He loves to pounce on the duvet and will often bring his favourite toy in to play with.