More Octagon Stars


I can’t stop stitching these! The little stars go together in no time, adding the 8 squares around each one is fast as can be and then adding the red diamond and octagon connectors is just plain fun. The continuous stitching possibilities make it very quick to stitch.


Seams graded and pressed.  Right now it measures about 13 by 7 inches. I know it won’t take long before it’s the right size for the doll bed.


The Octagon Stars project box. Makes me smile to see all those little shapes ready and waiting to be stitched.


Baxter and his friends made it to the warmer weather and are having fun playing on the beach.


Yesterday was Family Day in Ontario. And this is how Baxter spent much of it – snoozing on the couch.

11 thoughts on “More Octagon Stars

  1. Look out Baxter!~ There is a gator in the water!~~
    ha!~ So cute.
    I LOVE what you are currently working on Cathi!~ So pretty and different.


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