Lots of Rotary Cutting … Curved Rotary Cutting


These are all the shapes printed and now cut from Clue 2 of the Case of the Secret Garden. All 592 of them. And every single one of them has a curve on two sides of it. A gentle curve, but a curve nonetheless. And there are more shapes to be printed and cut in the upcoming clues.

I had started cutting the shapes from Clue 2 using scissors. I knew I wanted to have them all cut out and ready to stitch before Clue 3 came out but it was becoming apparent to me that that meant I’d be spending all this weekend cutting — and undoubtedly have a sore hand as a result.

Then out came this video on Friday. Cutting curves with a rotary cutter, following the lines printed on the back of my fabrics? I really didn’t believe it was possible but I watched the video, felt confident and decided to try it on a piece of my accent fabric as I have enough of it that I could reprint if I made a complete mess out of the cutting.


I picked up this, put a new blade in and began to cut. And didn’t stop until they were all done. I spent no time cutting on the weekend. It was all done before Friday evening.


And now my Case of the Secret Garden project box is full of the shapes, ready for the next clue.


We had such a blast of cold air on the weekend that Baxter and his pals thought they were at the North Pole and have set off to a warmer climate.


Baxter was in a very mischievous mood this weekend. We were lucky to get a photo of him sitting still for a second. I wonder if he’s getting spring fever – maybe the groundhog was right and we’ll have early spring. After the cold this weekend, an early spring would be quite welcome.

10 thoughts on “Lots of Rotary Cutting … Curved Rotary Cutting

  1. I was just wondering if you had ever tried the fiskars finger rotary cutter available in my store. I have been using it to cut all the curves on my inklingo patterns and it has awesome control. ( I am not as far along with the mystery as you. I haven’t had time to even by the pattern. LOL


  2. Hmm, rotary cutting curves. Sounds tricky. I’ll be sure to check out the video.
    So this must mesn we’ll start to see the pieces being sewn together soon, right?
    Great toon. And Baxter is gorgeous as always


  3. The curved pieces for my Winding Ways blocks (still a long way from being a qult!) were cut with the small cutter, and it was easy. Baxter, you are hoping for an early spring, we are hoping for an early autumn!


  4. I can’t pay attention to anything else but those little envelopes that your cut pieces we in. I have to know if you made them yourself — 🙂 I did really look at your fabric. It looks great.


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