Mystery Quilt, Clue 3


On Monday, Clue 3 of the Case of the Secret Garden was released. It involved a little more printing on fabric – 16 sheets of this shape, which you can see if you click on the photo to enlarge it.


Thanks to the video on cutting curves with a rotary cutter, I had the 128 shapes all cut out in no time.


Then I got started on the stitching involved in this week’s clue. So far I have the 24 units made with the dark shapes at the top and bottom done and one of the 48 units with the light at the top. The seams are very short, so it is pretty quick to stitch these units. Although the picture doesn’t seem to show it well, each one of those little seams has a very gentle curve to it.


The little seams are graded and these units are pressed. Right now I’m not sure I like my fabric choices, but I did like them all together when I chose them initially so am going to keep going.

Are you intrigued? The clues are free to download and the Inklingo New York Wheel collection, which is the collection used in this mystery, is still on sale! Here are the links to the clues:

Clue 1

Clue 2

Clue 3

And Clue 4 will be released, I believe, on Monday. Of course I’m trying to guess how this is all going to come together but am not getting too far with my guesses.


We’ve gone back into a bit of a cold snap. Today’s Baxtertoon is all about spring and flowers – maybe we can wish an early spring into happening!


One of Baxter’s favourite spots – by his toy basket, keeping his eye on them.

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