Mug Rugs


Mug rugs have suddenly become fascinating to me. What a great way to play with some fabric combinations or design ideas! I have two design ideas in mind that will each use a trio of fabrics along with a white. These are the two trios of fabrics I’ve picked out for the mug rugs. I hope to get the shapes I need for both printed on fabrics later today.

Yesterday I spent a fair bit of time working on the Case of the Secret Garden mystery quilt and now feel pretty confident that I’ll have all the piecing from this week’s clue finished before Monday when Clue 4 is released.


Baxter was taking it easy, curled up under a quilt in today’s Baxtertoon.


While in real life, he was snoozing on the couch. It was quite cold again yesterday, so a good day to curl up in a cozy spot and nap.

8 thoughts on “Mug Rugs

  1. Today is a good curl up on the couch day, expecting that massive snowstorm, or just some snow, you never know! Baxter needs his own mug rug by his bed to put his plate of catnip on it.


  2. I’ve been thinking that I NEED a few mug rugs, but have no made any.
    I see Baxter has been doing some reading and watching the TV as well.. lol


  3. Ooooh, new mug mats…very cool idea! Perfect for the tiny Inklingo designs too! Fun! Hope your mystery quilt is coming together…and your sleuthing is speeding along! Worried that a new low pressure/migraine may have entered your area…when no post appeared on Friday??? Hugs…big ones…if it did!


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