Fabrics, Yes – Design, No Idea Yet


While looking for a fabric to use in a project I’m working on, I came across these fabrics in my stash. They were grouped together just like this. They are really calling to me to be made into something. Just this group. No additions, no subtractions. I have no ideas yet, but am keeping the group out where I can see it.

Today Clue 4 in the Case of the Secret Garden comes out. I can’t wait to see where today’s clue will lead us!


We had a wonderful weekend because baseball is back! Spring training, yes but it’s baseball. It was so wonderful to be watching a spring training game on a day when snowflakes were falling. And that’s what inspired today’s Baxtertoon.


Sometimes when Baxter’s asleep, his tongue is sticking out. Last night was one of those times and I was lucky enough to get a photo.

7 thoughts on “Fabrics, Yes – Design, No Idea Yet

  1. they are pretty – occasionally if I am going through fabric I will find several that really seem to go well with others, normally I haven’t a clue if I bought them together or if it just happened!


  2. Hmmm…I see the fancy dresden plate…with the curved blades and the spikes. One colour for the curved blades and the other colour for the spikes…with the alternate creams. Striped binding…
    Don’t you just want to reach our and flick that tongue…LOL


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