Case of the Secret Garden Mystery Quilt, Clue 4


Clue 4 of the Case of the Secret Garden was released yesterday.  It involved more printing of shapes with curves which is now, thanks to this video, a breeze with rotary cutting. If anyone had told me a month ago that I’d be rotary cutting curves, I’d have thought they were delirious! Instead, I was actually enjoying cutting these with the rotary cutter. There are lots more still to be cut – I got all the shapes printed on both my dark and light fabrics and all those on the dark fabric cut but still have a fair number to cut of the light fabric.


Then on to some piecing. I am so glad I pieced together this partial block as I am now happy with my fabric choices again. Very happy. While this step could be done easily by machine as it involves all straight seams, I’m choosing to stitch it by hand. There isn’t a lot of piecing to be done this week, so I’m relatively confident I will be ready for Clue 5 next Monday. In fact, if I weren’t working on a couple of secret projects, I think I could have done at least 4 or 5 of the partial blocks last night.


Seams graded and partial block pressed. These are going together perfectly, thanks to the matching points and stitching lines printed on the back of the fabric.

Intrigued? Want to join in? The clues are available to download:

Clue 1

Clue 2

Clue 3

Clue 4


In today’s Baxtertoon, Baxter and his pals decided to take advantage of being in Florida for spring training baseball and went to the beach to do a little snorkelling.


While back at home, Baxter was having a snooze. We have a storm coming in that they say may be “messy”, whatever that might mean, so I think he was hibernating. He’s waiting for there to be some birds and squirrels to watch out on the roof garden.

4 thoughts on “Case of the Secret Garden Mystery Quilt, Clue 4

  1. I’ll be looking for Baxter and friends down this way. I love watching his travel adventures. I also love watching your mystery quilt come together!~WOW!~So pretty! Love your fabrics.


  2. That pansy fabric is lovely! I’m looking forward to seeing the blocks come together. And, before I forget, thanks for the link to the video on rotary cutting curves; I had a quick peek and it looks easier than I ever thought. I couldn’t imagine myself cutting that many pieces with only scissors . . . how soon we get used to techie advances, eh? ~ Linne


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