Five Partial Case of the Secret Garden Blocks


I decided last night that I had to make one of each of the other four so I’d have all five partial blocks to use as a guide for completing this week’s clue. And that’s what I did. They’re very quick to stitch, even when piecing by hand, as they’re just straight seams. Then I made little kits of each group of blocks that need to be stitched. That way I can just pick out one of the little kits and start stitching.


Seams graded and partial blocks pressed.

Today it’s back to the secret projects. It’s a good day to be home and stitching as we’re in for another blast of winter weather. Last night it started to snow. Then it rained. Then it started to snow again. Sounds like the whole day will be one of going back and forth between snow and rain. I hope this is the last big storm of winter this year.


But it did inspire a snow globe Baxtertoon!


Yesterday afternoon, we saw three robins out on the roof garden. This has to be the earliest I’ve ever seen a robin here. And Baxter was right there in his kitty tree as there was now something interesting to watch out the window. I can’t wait until the window washers show up in the spring. Our windows are definitely in need of a good cleaning so they serve well as kitty TV screens.

6 thoughts on “Five Partial Case of the Secret Garden Blocks

  1. Your partial blocks look awesome. I can’t wait to see it come together.
    I was thinking about joining in the fun of the Secret Garden, but I just have way to much on my plate right now.
    Baxter is picture perfect in that photo. Gorgeous!


  2. Hooray for robins! Thanks for peek at all the Secret Garden blocks…love to see a preview! Think I’ll attempt to do the same…at least I’m hoping for that! Sick kids/hubby…feel like a nurse in a M*A*S*H unit! ;-)))


  3. Your blocks are wonderful…love that pansy fabric! 🙂 It is definitely snow globe weather here is SW MI..beautiful to look at…not so fun to shovel! We have a family tradition here that the first robin sighting means a trip to the local ice cream shop!


  4. Oh wow!~ Really coming along nicely. You must be getting excited now about the end result. I told ya Spring is not far off!~ 🙂 Wish I had window washers here… Baxter will be encountering penguins down there in Antartica


  5. Your blocks are looking great. Good idea to make little kits of each… think i will set mine up that way too. Thank you.
    Love Baxter’s pic. Such a beautiful kitty! Glad my little Missy can’t see him; she would be so smitten.


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