Secret Projects Progress

Yesterday was, as they promised, a messy day – snow, rain, then snow again. We didn’t get a lot of snow in comparison to many other places but it was a good day to be home and stitching.


And stitch I did. Both secret projects are finished except for their labels. This is the back of one of them. They will be revealed next week. Once again, I realized I absolutely have to get a better chair to use when sitting at the sewing machine. My back was aching after only half an hour. Somehow I don’t think antique wooden chairs were meant for use at a sewing machine. Nowhere near enough back support!

I’m thinking of selling a couple of my hand-pieced quilt tops but am absolutely stymied when it comes to putting a price on them. Have you ever sold a hand-pieced quilt top? If so, how did you arrive at a price? I know that the price could never reflect the hours and hours that go into a hand-pieced top as that would make them incredibly expensive. Tim wrote a great blog post, “What is Quilting Worth,” on the value of a hand-quilted quilt, which got me thinking about what a hand-pieced quilt top is worth. I’ve done a bit of searching on the internet on it and haven’t found much that’s very helpful.


Baxter and his pals decided to have a snowball fight.


Ever since the three robins arrived the other day, Baxter has been spending more time in his kitty tree. I love this photo of him on the top tier of his tree.

4 thoughts on “Secret Projects Progress

  1. Aren’t you clever! If the project is a secret, just show the back! LOL! And I think your hand pieced projects are worth a gazillion. Not sure how many zeros that is when you write it on the price tag!


  2. Cathi poor baxters ears are red..LOL
    As for pricing I feel the quilter can only be the judge of that. Hand piecing hand quilting how is done on it is it intricate, is it simple…many factors


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